Halloween is one of the most celebrated holidays around for its spooky thrills, and sweet treats. Two traits that go hand in hand, with weed’s ability to relax and produce a case of the munchies. There’s nothing quite better than carving jack-o-lantern’s while puff, puff, passing or curling up to a horror film, with a fully packed bowl. So, creep it real this Halloween with our list of hallo-weed themed strains that will elevate any frightful festivity.

White Widow

White Widow, not to be confused with ‘black widows’ of Halloween is a classic strain that uplifts the spirits. For moods of course, and not the ghostly kind. This feminized version bred by 420 Seedback is sure to impress with its mold-resistant traits, and ease in growth. The indica dominant hybrid is ideal for beginner consumers too, with tame levels of THC averaging around 15-18%.  White Widow successfully relaxes the mind of stresses, helping promote comfortable sociability while at holiday gatherings, too.

Phantom OG

You’ll be as shocked as seeing a phantom, with the success of Phantom OG bred by Black Skull Seeds. The sativa dominant and feminized hybrid is scarily quick to turn-around growing to maturity in just 8-10 weeks. The plant then treats you to a cerebrally exhilarating experience, while relaxing your body with a comforting stone. But, beginner’s do  beware, as THC potency levels of Phantom OG can reach up to 26% in some cases.

Skull Ryder

Skull Ryder bred by Black Skull Seeds is an innovative example of a killer autoflowering strain. It’s ideal for growers who can benefit from small, compact plants that have a quick flowering time, too. The indica dominant strain will be ready to harvest in less than 8 weeks, and is manageable for beginners along the way. In the end, your skull will get rocked with smooth earthy scents, and soothing indica effects.

Widow Bomb

Bomb Seeds puts a spine-chilling twist onto a classic with its Widow Bomb feminized strain. The indica-dominant hybrid is scarily effective at knocking out pain, while busting up bad moods, too. Widow Bomb is ideal for growers looking for a compact plant that packs a punch in potency. As the strain delivers up to 25% THC while typically staying under 180 cm (6 ft) in height, indoors or out.

Super Mutant Mass

Get monstrous this halloween with Critical Mass Collective’s Super Mutant Mass feminized strain. The extraordinary name alludes to the balanced hybrid’s massive yields, that boasts bulgingly big buds, too. You’ll wait patiently for 10-12 weeks as the abundantly resinous nugs tease you with a pungent, skunk-like scent. Then treated to effects that are far from ghoulish. As Super Mutant Mass produces an uplifting high, and stimulates the munchies for just prior to getting into your treats.

Fallen Angel

Fallen Angel, ironically bred by Devil’s Harvest is a perfect strain to ease anxieties, and uplift your spirits prior to a trip through a thrilling haunted house. Or, facing costumed frights at any social gathering or event. The feminized strain is just as versatile for growth, succeeding indoors or outdoors - even with colder temperatures. After 8-10 weeks, Fallen Angel delivers up to 22% THC responsible for the strain’s well-balanced hybrid and mellowing effects.

Sweet Zombie

Sweet Zombie bred by Expert Seeds proves there is some sweetness to the ‘undead’. The feminized well-balanced hybrid is quite alive with potent THC levels reaching 22%. But with effects that will make you feel stoned to the bone, and somewhat like a Zombie. After just 8-10 weeks, Sweet Zombie treats you to deliciously fruity aromas and heavy, full-body relaxation type of effects. The comforting stone is ideal for relaxing your mind, when curling up to watch a bone-chilling thriller.

Monster Profit

The mysterious strain Monster Profit, bred by Heavyweight Seeds is a feminized variety that’s all treat with no tricks. Especially for beginner growers due to the bountiful yields she can produce, with relative ease. The sativa dominant strain is ready for harvesting after just 10-12 weeks, but her pulls are worth the wait. Weighing in over 600 g/m2 easily, and coated in sweet and sticky, potent resin. Monster Profit is killer for uplifting, focused, and energetic effects ideal for the stamina necessary when trick-or-treating.

Beast Mode Auto

You can boost any halloween gathering with the sativa-dominant effects of Beast Mode Auto. The quick-flowering auto variety bred by Mega Buds, is not only a beast in growth, but for aromas and effects, too. In less than 8 weeks, the plant grows thick heavy buds that burst with a robust, and refreshing citrus scent. Being in ‘Beast Mode’ the strain produces higher than usual yields, and a moderate potency of 15-18% THC for an energetic and uplifting buzz ideal for social settings.

Jock Horror

You won’t be frightened with the sativa dominant effects that Jock Horror can produce. Bred by Nirvana Seeds, this feminized variety might take longer for harvesting (12-14 weeks) but delights in THC potency. Reaching up to 22% with its crystal coated buds that glisten with resin. Jock Horror’s energetic, talkative and social stimulating effects are perfect for elevating before the pumpkin patch, apple-picking or any hallo-weed themed event.

Zombie Kush

Zombie Kush is an award-winning strain bred by Ripper Seeds that’ll tame your fears for a movie marathon of chilling films. The indica dominant hybrid comes from the well-loved ‘kush’ line of strains that produce zombie-like relaxation effects in just 10-12 weeks. Growing wise, the strain is ideal for indoors or outdoors, and is just as pleasing by boasting levels of THC nearing 23%. Zombie Kush’s buds are best for night-time use, or when you’re ready to unwind without too much fright.

Brainkiller Haze

Brainkiller Haze may have killer effects, but they’re more similar to a dreamy haze, than those of a nightmare. Making this feminized strain bred by Vision Seeds ideal for using prior to visiting a haunted house, or indulging in halloween nightlife. The sativa dominant hybrid is well-known for psychedelic-like effects that are powerfully euphoric, and cerebrally uplifting. Brainkiller Haze is certainly worth the wait of 14 weeks to maturity, delivering maximized yields and manageable levels of THC topping around 22%.

No Tricks, All Treats

Not only will these genetics be boo-tiful to watch grow...but they’ll deliver all treats and no tricks upon harvest time. From their thrilling strain names, to monstrous potencies, you can’t go wrong choosing any of these strains for your next hallo-weed themed get together or gathering. So, eerily elevate this holiday or next, and get your garden ghoul ready for Halloween themed crops.