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How to make Cannabis gummies

If you’d like to learn how to make cannabis edibles then cannabis gummies are a good place to start.  Also known as weed gummies or THC gummies, they are really simple to make.  They also taste great and have all the medical benefits of cannabis.

Why cannabis gummies are popular

Probably the main reason why cannabis gummies are so popular is because they’re really tasty.  There are, however, plenty of other reasons.  Cannabis gummies are easy to make and easy to store.  In fact, they’ll keep (in the fridge) for far longer than most candies.

Just make sure to keep them out of sight and reach of children (or even adults) who might mistake them for regular candies.  They’re also very convenient to use.  Each cannabis gummy is a microdose of cannabis.  This can be really handy for when you’re trying to keep your cannabis consumption as low as possible.

Cannabis gummies can be used just about anywhere.  That includes places where people might object to the smell of smoking/vaping.  It also includes places where smoking/vaping is outright banned.  These days, that’s pretty much all public spaces.

Dosing and effects

You control the strength of your dose through the strength of your canna-oil.  You should know the THC percentage of the bud you use to make the canna-oil.  You should also know how much coconut oil you use for the whole batch of canna-oil.  It should therefore be easy enough to work out how many grams of THC are in 50g of your canna-oil.  Then you just divide this by the number of cannabis gummies you make to get the THC content per cannabis gummy.

NB: This only works if you whisk thoroughly so the canna-oil is evenly spread throughout the mixture.  Otherwise, each cannabis gummy will give you a different dose of cannabis.

As always, start low and go slow.  In other words, keep the potency low to start with.  Increase it gradually if you feel you need to.

In general, cannabis edibles work through the digestive system.  This means that they can take longer to have an effect than smoking/vaping which work through the respiratory system.

Cannabis gummies, however, are a little different.  How they work depend on how, precisely, you consume them.  If you just chew and swallow, they’ll go through the digestive system.  They’re easy to digest, so they’ll  still get to work pretty quickly.  There is, however, a better way and that’s to suck them, slowly.

This may seem counter-intuitive but it works.  The areas under the tongue and between the cheek and gum  are exceptionally dense in mucosal membranes.  These connect directly to the bloodstream, bypassing the digestive system.  In other words, if you suck instead of swallowing, those cannabinoids can start doing you good in just a few minutes.

How to make cannabis gummies

Here’s an easy recipe and simple explanation of how to make cannabis gummies.


  • 1 pack of flavoured jelly cubes (standard 135g size)
  • 100ml hot water + 470ml fruit juice (or cold water)
  • 50g cannabis-infused coconut oil OR 2-3 teaspoons cannabis tincture
  • 100g runny honey
  • 1 or 2 tsp sunflower lecithin (optional)


  • Make up your jelly per the packet instructions.  Usually, you stir in the hot water until dissolved then top up with the fruit juice or cold water.  Some jelly brands may have different instructions.  In particular, you may need to add gelatine/agar agar* separately.

*Agar Agar is a vegan alternative to gelatine.  If you’re using it, check the instructions on the packet.  As a rule of thumb, you use the same quantity of agar agar as you would gelatine.  Brand name “gelatine alternatives” are generally just agar agar.  Sometimes they also have other ingredients.  If you’re vegetarian or vegan remember to check that you are buying gelatine-free jelly cubes.

  • While the jelly is still liquid, add the other ingredients.  Whisk thoroughly.

It’s really important to whisk the mixture thoroughly.  First of all this keeps it smooth.  Secondly, it makes sure that the canna-oil is evenly spread throughout the mixture.

  • Put your mixture into moulds.  If you’re not fussed about having a bear shape, silicone ice-cube moulds will do just fine.  Cover and cool to room temperature on the counter.  Then put in the fridge to set properly.  It’s really important to do things this way round.  Never put hot food in the fridge as it messes with the internal temperature.

If you want to store you cannabis gummies in a container, it’s a good idea to toss in some icing sugar or cornflour to stop them sticking.

So that’s how to make edibles.  Cannabis gummies are great edibles for beginners.  If you fancy a change, you  could change up your weed gummies for weed chocolate.  Alternatively, maybe THC gummies will be all you need to take your medication conveniently and without creating a smell.

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