Grandaddy Purple Feminized Marijuana

Breeder: 420 Seedbank
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Grandaddy Purple, AKA GDP might arguably be the most popular purple strain around. The legendary genetics even come with a high-ranking nickname, ‘Royal Indica’. GDP stuns with beautifully colored buds that sparkle with glistening trichomes. Delivering satisfyingly sweet flavors that keep you coming back for more. 
Price: US$55.90
THC Content15%-18%
Flowering Time12-14 Weeks
Plant HeightMedium: 100cm-180cm
Breeder420 Seedbank
GeneticsIndica Dominant

Strain Traits


Key Features

There’s more that meets the eye with the popular indica dominant hybrid, Grandaddy Purple. Beyond the strain’s visually appealing aesthetic of vibrant purple hued buds, lies comfortably calming effects. The dense, hefty buds are so sweet in taste, you’ll feel like royalty yourself. The pungent strain bursts with refreshing grape and berry-like aromas, somewhat candy-like in taste. 

Product Description

Grandaddy Purple has medium levels of THC, averaging around 15-18%. Making it ideal for beginner or frequent consumers. While the strain grows ideally indoors, it can flourish in outdoor environments, too. The plant’s impressive growth is ready for harvesting after 12-14 weeks. But it is certainly worth the wait. 

Expect to stake or provide support for Grandaddy Purple’s oversized nugs near the end of its growth cycle. The bulbous buds tend to weigh the plant down, especially when outdoors. With proper care, you’ll be treated to yields averaging 400-500g/sm. The genetic tends to produce higher yields with controlled temps in the 70’s and 50-55% humidity. 

One reason for Grandaddy Purple’s notoriety is its tranquil indica effects. In fact, the strain is award-winning for its medicinal benefits. GDP is popular in alleviating common symptoms of pain, stress, and sleep-related disorders. It can be quite dreamy in its benefits, providing a balance of physical bliss and an uplifting euphoria.

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