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  • Amnesia Cannabis
    Those who have the space to give this outstanding Sativa the extensive head-room it requires, will be rewarded by a robust and resilient strain, which produces a delicious smoke with an excellent effect. More Info
  • Amnesia Feminized Seeds
    The classic Amnesia made even better. Growers will be impressed by this strain's yields while users will appreciate the high THC. More Info
  • Blue Dream Automatic
    Blue Dream Automatic is the strain to choose when you need a quality Sativa which offers excellent results without the extended growing time associated with Sativas. More Info
  • Blue Dream Feminized Marijuana
    Blue Dream Feminized makes this much-loved strain even better. It has become recognized as an outstanding medical strain since it combines powerful relief from both emotional disorders and physical pain, with a gentle touch. More Info
  • G13 Haze Feminized
    G13 Haze
    G13 Haze Regular is a legendary strain in more ways than one. The story goes that the variety we now know and love was liberated from a top-secret U.S. government laboratory by a technician who wanted its benefit to be shared with the world. More Info
  • G13 Haze Feminized
    Leaving aside all the hype about its purportedly mysterious background and focus on the fact that G13 Haze Feminized is an utterly outstanding Sativa with a mouth-watering taste and rewarding effect. More Info
  • Lemon Haze Feminized
    Lemon Haze Feminzed is a classic Sativa-dominant, loved by weed connoisseurs for its outstanding taste and sublime effect. More Info
  • Strawberry Diesel Marijuana
    Strawberry Diesel Regular combines the fruity sweetness of Strawberry Cough with the boldness and strength of NYC Diesel. More Info
  • Strawberry Diesel Feminized
    Strawberry Diesel Feminized is known as a connoisseur's choice as it has both a delicious flavour and powerful effect. More Info
  • Thai x Skunk
    Thai X Skunk is exactly what is says it is, a cross between the pure Sativa Thai and the Indica-dominant hybrid Californian Skunk. While the flavour obviously has a skunk edge, it has overtones of herbs and spices and rich earthiness too. More Info