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Regular Marijuana Seeds

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33 Strains
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  • Pineapple Kush regular Seeds
    The perfect Kush and Fruit combination in one amazing plant. Pineapple Kush Regular is a stain which is fairly easy for beginners to grow,with only a little bit of effort. More Info
  • Purple Power
    Purple Power Out of Stock

    Out of stock

    Purple Power is a strain which was developed for those needing to grow weed outdoors in colder or wetter climates. More Info
  • Skunk 1
    Skunk 1 Regular was first created back in the late 1970s and has been a popular favourite ever since. More Info
  • Sour Kush regular seeds
    Sour Kush is the child of two legendary strains, Sour Diesel and OG Kush. Although it is a Sativa-dominant hybrid, the Indica genetics keep it at a medium height and help to ensure a relatively quick maturation time. More Info
  • Strawberry Diesel Marijuana
    Strawberry Diesel Regular combines the fruity sweetness of Strawberry Cough with the boldness and strength of NYC Diesel. More Info
  • Thai x Skunk
    Thai X Skunk is exactly what is says it is, a cross between the pure Sativa Thai and the Indica-dominant hybrid Californian Skunk. While the flavour obviously has a skunk edge, it has overtones of herbs and spices and rich earthiness too. More Info
  • White Widow regular
    Arguably the worlds most well known and multiple awarded strains of Marijuana. White Widow was created by Dutch breeders in the 1990s and has been one of the world’s favourite types of weed ever since. More Info
  • White Widow Max

    SAVE 50%

    White Widow Max Regular takes everything which gained the original White Widow its legions of fans and dials it up to the max. More Info
  • Berry Bomb Regular – Bomb Seeds
    Everybody knows fruit is good for you, so fruit plus THC has to be even more good for you and what’s even better is that it comes in the form of a compact plant with robust genetics and great yields. More Info
  • Edam Bomb Regular -  Bomb Seeds
    Cheese, just saying the word makes you smile. Edam Bomb gives you plenty of reason to smile, with its combination of taste, THC and all-round unfussy simplicity. More Info
  • Hash Bomb Regular – Bomb Seeds
    Hash Bomb was created to offer pain relief which is both quick and long lasting. It’s also super-easy to grow so it can be easily managed by beginners or those who have to be careful about their level of activity due to their medical condition. What’s m More Info
  • Big Bomb Regular - Bomb Seeds
    If you’re one of the many people who thinks taste, yield and robustness are more important than massive amounts of THC, then Big Bomb could be your dream come true. More Info
  • Buzz Bomb Regular – Bomb Seeds
    In the old days “medical marijuana” was a broad term and people often just had to work out for themselves which strains were best for their condition. Now breeders are working to create strains for specific medical purposes and Buzz Bomb is one of them. More Info
  • THC Bomb Regular - Bomb Seeds
    These days, many people have limited growing space but still want the benefits of THC, that’s exactly why Bomb Seeds created THC Bomb. More Info
  • Widow Bomb Regular -  Bomb Seeds
    The best of the old comes together with the best of the new to produce Widow Bomb, which tastes, good, looks good, does you good and grows easily. More Info

Regular Marijuana Seeds

Regular Marijuana seeds are just as mother nature makes them. They are the natural offspring of a pollinated female cannabis plant. Regular seeds are simple and easy and will grow into either male or female plants. Different environmental factors can influence how the finished plant will go in terms of its sex, but either way our 100% natural and highest quality F1 marijuana seeds will not disappoint. Being completely natural and unaltered in any way, regular marijuana seeds are often highly prized as being the purest representation of the traits and characteristics of the parent. They should breed true with little variation in quality or phenotype making them a safe bet for many connoisseurs. As these can grow in to male or female marijuana plants, regular seeds are the choice of growers who are looking to start breeding as it is the male plants that produce the required pollen.