Patel’s Cornershop Surprise Feminized by Dr Krippling

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Cornershop Surprise is short, speedy and sweet, it also has plenty of THC, a great taste and yields which would be impressive on much bigger plants.
Price: US$52.00
THC Content15%-18%
YieldOver 600gr/m²
Plant HeightMedium: 100cm-180cm

Strain Traits


Cornershop Surprise is a pocket-sized powerhouse with 18% THC and a sweet taste balanced with that lovely Kush fragrance. It grows quickly and yields are quite astounding for the size and speed of the plant, so it may be the perfect choice if you need m

With 18% THC, Cornershop Surprise packs a lot more power than you'd expect from a plant this small. It certainly has what it takes to deal with pain and blow away the mental blues. It's still an Indica dominant, however, so after you've been lifted out of the emotional depths by the THC, you'll be safely coddled in a warm and gentle body stone.

The taste of Cornershop Surprise is for those who like it sweet. You don't really detect all that much of the Kush hashiness in the flavour but it's most certainly present in the aroma, which also has refreshing citrus notes.

Cornershop Surprise is ideal for people with limited growing space. At full stretch outdoors, it will only make a maximum of about 1.2M and indoors will often finish much shorter entirely of its own accord, somewhere around the 60 cm mark. It also responds well to plant training in case you need to keep it even shorter. Indoors it will finish flowering in just 7 to 8 weeks and can yield up to 750g/m2. Outdoors it will be ready for harvest around the middle of October and you can collect a crop of up to 650g per plant.

Genetically, Cornershop Surprise is a cross between Delhi Friend and Patel's OG Kush, which is why it's sometimes called Patel's Cornershop Surprise. It's a nicely unfussy strain and beginners should be fine with it.

Use Cornershop Surprise in the daytime for pain, fatigue, stress and depression.

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