Hydra Kush by Dragon Seeds

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The roots of this strain lie in landrace plants from the Hindu Kush region of Asia. The rumours claim it comes from southern California. Sharing the same genetics as the much sought-after and widely popular OG Kush, Hydra Kush is a legendary hybrid known not just for its exotic, earthy flavour but also for its euphoric, cerebral and talkative buzz.
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THC Content:19%-22%
Flowering Time:8-10 Weeks
Plant Height:Medium: 100cm-180cm
Genetics:Chemdawg x Lemon Thai x Pakistani

Strain Traits


Formerly a clone-only strain, this variety generally stretches a fair amount during the vegetative phase but fills out nicely once flowering begins. The leaves tend to show a nice neon green hue and the dark, dense buds are fully covered with orange hairs and trichomes. Grown indoors, plants can yield up to 500 g/m2, though they do tend to get quite tall so bending and/or pruning might be necessary if height is an issue. The strain's woody notes are accompanied by a wonderful earthy pine and a candy-like sour-lemony flavour. The high is very relaxing and euphoric. Higher amounts can easily lock you to your couch, making it a great night time medication.
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