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Top 10 Best Sativa Strains of 2019

These days, if you need THC for the relief of physical pain, then you might want to look at both Indica and Sativa strains.  Indica weed strains tend to be more compact.  Sativa weed strains, however, often produce bigger yields.  On the other hand, if you want to use THC to treat mental and emotional conditions, then there is a very clear distinction between the two forms of cannabis.  Indicas create a feeling of mellow happiness and peace.  Sativas deliver a euphoric, motivational and creative high.   

For this review of the top 10 best sativa strains of 2019, we’ve looked at all the best Sativa strains which are available in 2019.  All the strains on our list are established, for which read stable.  That said, we’ve deliberately looked for strains which are still a bit under the radar.  Much as we love classic Sativas like Sour Diesel, the mainstream Hazes and Jack Herer, everyone has already heard of them.  We’ve therefore aimed to go a bit “off the beaten track” and make some more unusual suggestions.  With all that said, here is our pick of the top 10 best Sativa strains of 2019. 

10 Best Sativa Strains of 2019

Bruce Banner (OG Kush X Strawberry Diesel) 

Basic stats: 60% Sativa, 24% to 29% THC, 1% CBD, 600g/m2 (indoors)/1Kg/pp (outdoors) 

There are two reasons why Bruce Banner only just slips into this list of best Sativa strains.  The first is that it’s only just Sativa dominant.  The second is that it’s already quite well known.  We decided, however, that it was just too good and too under-the-radar to ignore.  As well as impressive yields and high THC, Bruce Banner has a really great taste.  In fact, its flavour and aroma are largely identical to Strawberry Diesel.  Generally, you barely notice the Kush.  As you might have guessed from this, there is a diesel base topped with lots of berries especially strawberries.  This creates a zingy “sweet and sour” contrast. 

Cannalope Haze (Haze Brothers X Mexican Sativa) 

Basic stats: 95% Sativa, 12% to 20% THC, 0.26% CBD, 600g/m2 (indoors)/600g/pp (outdoors) 

A list of best Sativa strains has to have at least one Haze on it.  Cannalope Haze combines robust genetics with a great, tropical taste.  In fact, it’s tropical fruit (almost) all the way.  There is, however, a good dash of zingy citrus to give a bit of balance. 

Casey Jones (Trainwreck, Thai X Sour Diesel) 

Basic stats: 80% Sativa, 18% to 22% THC, 0.2% CBD, 450g/m2 (indoors)/500g/pp (outdoors) 

If you’re looking for an indoor Sativa then you might want to stop right here.  Even though it is 80% Sativa, Casey Jones is one compact little marijuana plant.  Indoors it can stay as short as 1M without any training.  Outdoors, it is unlikely to grow above 1.5M in height.  The flavour is based on sweet earth.  This is topped with fruit and finished with citrus lemon. 

CBD Mango Haze (CBD-enriched Mango Haze) 

cbd mango haze strain

Basic stats: 80% Sativa, 8% THC, 8% CBD, 600g/m2 (indoors)/500g/pp (outdoors) 

CBD Mango Haze is very much the odd one out in this list of best Sativa strains.  It’s 80% Sativa, but it’s all about the CBD - and the flavour.  This is based sweet fruit, especially mangos and pineapples.  The top notes, however, are all about Haze spiciness.  In particular, there’s a good dash of black pepper.  In other words, CBD Mango Haze tastes exactly like regular Mango Haze.  It just has more CBD. 

Chernobyl (Trainwreck, Trinity X Jack the Ripper) 

Basic stats: 80% Sativa, 16% to 22% THC, 0.1% CBD, 450g/m2 (indoors)/450g/pp (outdoors) 

The name may be questionable but the taste is amazing.  On the one hand, you have the sweetness of tropical fruits and cherries.  On the other hand, you have citrus lemon and lime.  It’s absolutely glorious. 

G13 Haze (G13 X Haze) 

Basic stats: 80% Sativa, 18% to 23% THC, 0.7% CBD, 450g/m2 (indoors)/450g/pp (outdoors) 

What do you get when you cross one of the best Indica strains around with one of the best Sativa strains around?  In this case, you get G13 Haze, which, itself, is one of the best Sativa strains available in 2019.  Its flavour is a delicious blend of sweet (fruits) and savoury (sage) all topped with Haze spices. 

Green Crack (Skunk #1 X Sweet Leaf Indica) 

Basic stats: 75% Sativa, 13% to 21% THC, 0.1% CBD, 550g/m2 (indoors)/600g/pp (outdoors) 

This is the only celebrity-endorsed strain on our list.  It was given its name by Snoop Dogg, who is a big fan.  In spite of the Skunk genetics, neither the flavour nor the aroma has any pungency.  Instead, there’s a base of sweet earth, covered in fruits, especially mango and topped with citrus lemon and menthol pint. 

Ghost Train Haze (Ghost OG X Nevil’s Wreck) 

Basic stats: 80% Sativa, 27% THC, 0.1% CBD, 550g/m2 (indoors)/600g/pp (outdoors) 

Although this strain is called Ghost Train Haze, it also has Kush in its background.  This means it taps into two of the most respected genetic lines known today.  Rather ironically, it doesn’t taste of either Haze or Kush.  Instead, it has a base of sweet earth, topped with fruity sweetness and then citrus lemon. 

Red Dragon (West Himalayan Kush X Utopia Haze) 

Basic stats: 60% Sativa, 23% THC, 1.2% CBD, 600g/m2 (indoors)/600g/pp (outdoors) 

Red Dragon is also a Kush/Haze cross.  This time round it shows.  The base is Kush spices.  This is topped with the sweetness of berries and tropical fruits.  Then there is another dash of spices, this time from the Haze side.  In other words, this strain will literally set your mouth watering. 

Strawberry Cough (Believed to be Haze x Strawberry Fields) 

Basic stats: 60% Sativa, 18% THC, 0.2% CBD, 450g/m2 (indoors)/450g/pp (outdoors) 

The only bad news about Strawberry Cough is that it really can make you cough.  Its smoke is quite harsh, so you may want to think about vaping rather than smoking.  The taste, however, is something else.  The earth base is solid but sweet.  This is topped by lots of berries, especially strawberries.  Then, finally, there is a dash of peppery Haze spiciness. 

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