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Top 10 Best Indica Strains of 2019

Cannabis Indica, otherwise known as Indica weed, is generally valued for its CBD content.  Indica weed strains are often used for the treatment of chronic pain and spasms.  They can also be used to combat stress and insomnia.   

Pure Indica strains tend to be low in THC.  These days, however, you can find some Indica strains with impressively high levels of THC.  High-THC Indicas can be a good choice if you want fast-acting pain relief to tide you over until you feel the benefit of the CBD.  They can also be a smart choice for people who need both high THC and a compact marijuana plant.  If this sounds like you then the strongest Indica strain on our list is Strawberry Banana.  Critical Kush, Gelato and Nicole Kush make a three-way tie for second place. 

For the sake of clarity, when we talk about the best Indica strains of 2019, we mean the best Indica strains available in 2019.  All of the strains on our list were created before this year and so have been proven stable.  We’ve focused on strains we think might be new to people.  For the record, we’re big fans of classic Indica strains like Afghani, OG Kush, Northern Lights, Big Bud and Grand Daddy Purps.  We just think they are already very well known.  So, with all that said, here is our list of the top 10 best Indica strains of 2019. 

10 Best Indica Strains of 2019

Aurora Indica (Afghani X Northern Lights) 

Basic stats: 90% Indica, 0.1% CBD, 14% to 19% THC, 450g/m2 (indoors)/450g/pp (outdoors) 

As well as being one of the best Indica strains around, we think Aurora Indica has one of the best strain names around.  It also tastes great.  The flavour and aroma are both based on the sweet robustness of wood.  This is topped by a tongue-tingling blend of herbs, spices and menthol pine, laced with a dash of chemicals and sweetened with a hint of candy. 

Blue Cheese (Blueberry X UK Cheese) 

Basic stats: 80% Indica, 2% CBD, 20% THC, 550g/m2 (indoors)/600g/pp (outdoors) 

In spite of the name, Blue Cheese doesn’t really taste or smell like blue cheese.  It tastes and smells like regular old cheese mixed with blueberries.  Having said that, if you like blue cheese then you’ll probably like Blue Cheese. 

Critical Kush (Critical Mass X OG Kush) 

Basic stats: 90% Indica, 1% CBD, 25% THC, 650g/m2 (indoors)/700g/pp (outdoors) 

It would be impossible to create a list of the best Indica strains without including at least one Kush.  Critical Kush is a firm favourite with people who want quantity without sacrificing quality.  Its flavour and aroma are based on a combination of wood and earth.  This is topped with citrus, pine and a touch of herbs. 

Dark Star (Purple Kush x Mazar-I-Sharif) 

Basic stats: 100% Indica, 1.8% CBD, 13% to 19% THC, 550g/m2 (indoors)/750g/pp (outdoors) 

The flavour of Dark Star is based on Kush spices and sweet wood.  The middle notes, however, are much fruitier than you would expect from a traditional Kush.  There are lots and lots of berries, especially grapes.  These are then topped by a sprinkling of herbs and finished with crisp, menthol pine. 

Gelato (Sunset Sherbet X Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies) 

gelato strain

Basic stats: 55% Indica, 0.1% CBD, 18% to 25% THC, 600g/m2 (indoors)/1Kg/pp (outdoors) 

Some people might think it’s a bit cheeky to include Gelato in a list of best Indica strains.  It is, after all, only just Indica dominant.  We say a win is still a win and this is our list, so Gelato is in it.  This strain really does taste like fruit ice cream.  Even though it’s based on wood, the main flavours are of berries, citrus and lavender.  This is definitely a strain for those who like their weed to be sweet and fruity. 

Hash Plant (Northern Lights X Afghani) 

Basic stats: 90% Indica, 0.2% CBD, 13% to 19% THC, 350g/m2 (indoors)/350g/pp (outdoors) 

We’re going to have to admit, that Hash Plant is definitely not one of the best Indica strains for yield.  It is, however, great for taste.  As well as the Kush spiciness, there’s the sweetness of earth and wood, balanced by Skunk pungency.  This is freshened up by a generous dash of sweet herbs.  Hash Plant is also very robust and undemanding.  This makes it an excellent choice for beginners and anyone short of time (or space). 

Nicole Kush (Nicole X Kosher Kush) 

Basic stats: 75% Indica, 1% CBD, 18% to 25% THC, 500g/m2 (indoors)/850g/pp (outdoors) 

The flavour and aroma of Nicole Kush are both much more Nicole than Kush.  They are based on sweet wood and earth.  This is then topped with the tangy citrus of lemon and the fresh menthol of pine. 

Purple Chemdawg (Chemdawg X Granddaddy Purple) 

Basic stats: 75% Indica, 1% CBD, 19% to 21% THC, 750g/m2 (indoors)/750g/pp (outdoors) 

The flavour of Purple Chemdawg is very similar to the flavour of the original Chemdawg.  It is based on diesel and chemicals and topped with lots of citrus lemon.  The change is that it also has lots of grape and berry fruitiness from the Granddaddy Purple side. 

Strawberry Banana (Banana Kush X Bubble Gum) 

Basic stats: 70% Indica, 0.01% CBD, 22% to 26% THC, 600g/m2 (indoors)/750g/pp (outdoors) 

If you’re looking specifically for the best Indica strains for THC, then Strawberry Banana is the front-runner on our list.  In spite of the name (and genetics), it doesn’t actually taste that much of banana.  There is, however, plenty of tropical fruits and berries, including, of course, strawberries. 

Sunset Sherbert (Girl Scout Cookies X Pink Panties) 

Basic stats: 85% Indica, 0.02% CBD, 15% to 19% THC, 250g/m2 (indoors)/350g/pp (outdoors) 

The flavour of Sunset Sherbert is based on sweet earth.  This is topped with more sweetness, this time from fruit.  The top notes, however, are citrus and mint, which both add welcome freshness. 

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