Of all the ways to smoke cannabis, using a bong has always been a popular choice among smokers. Bongs provide a smoother way of smoking and can help reduce the amount of cough and choke that sometimes happens when smoking marijuana. There are many different types of bongs, and many choices when it comes to the design youre looking for. Your choice will ultimately depend on your budget and your own personal preference.  

What is a Bong? 

Bongs are essentially water pipes, although not all water pipes are bongs. Bongs are really just a smoking device that filters the marijuana smoke through water before you inhale it. This system can help remove toxins from the marijuana, and also improve the buzz, making you more stoned. Due to the fact that it removes many toxins and carcinogens, smoking from a bong is also thought to be healthier than smoking a joint or smoking from a pipe.

Materials Bongs are Made From 

Before you can start even thinking about the design you want your bong to have, you need to think about the material you want your bong to be made of. There are many to choose from, and each has its own pros and cons.

Of all the different materials to choose from, glass is most popular for bongs. Glass is easy to clean, does not affect the flavour, and even easy to monitor to determine if it needs a cleaning. Because glass bongs have the most benefits and are the most popular, they are also typically the most expensive.

The material second to only glass bongs are plastic bongs. People like these bongs because they are extremely durable, which also makes them great for travel. Plastic bongs are also cheaper than those made of glass. If these bongs have any downside, it’s likely that the taste of your cannabis may be affected by the plastic.

Ceramic bongs are not typically used for every day, but they are great to break out on special occasions. These bongs are extremely fragile. However, because clay is so easy to manipulate, you can find different and unique shapes when you choose ceramic. These bongs are also typically a bit more expensive than plastic, but not quite as pricey as glass.

A material that is not used as commonly as plastic or glass, but that is extremely durable, is bamboo. Sometimes these bongs are simply a tube of bamboo that’s been sealed. Other times, these bongs are decorated with paint, varnish, and metal. When these bongs are properly cared for, they can easily last a lifetime.

Lastly, some choose to use metal bongs, mainly due to how durable they are. Metal bongs can typically be much cheaper than other types of materials, but they also have their downsides. Firstly, then can greatly affect the taste of your cannabis. Secondly, due to the fact that metal is not transparent, it’s difficult to know when it’s time to clean your bong.

Parts of a Bong 

Although there are many different shapes and sizes of bongs, they all still mainly have the same parts. These parts are essential, as each one works together to make the bong work.

Probably the most notable characteristic of bongs is the water chamber that sits at the bottom. This is the area that holds the water, which acts as a filter for the cannabis smoke and makes the smoke cooler and smoother.

Extending straight up from the water chamber at the bottom is the tube of the bong. This is what allows the smoke to rise from the water chamber and out through the mouthpiece so the smoke can be inhaled. Sometimes these tubes are simply just straight, while other times they go in many directions and pass through many different chambers. It’s thought that this design will bring a better and more potent buzz.

Connecting the bowl that holds the cannabis and the water chamber is the downstem. This is a much smaller tube. One end sits within the water in the chamber. The other sits outside of the bong, typically though a small hole, that holds the bowl.

Of course, you can’t talk about the downstream without talking about the bowl that stems holds. The bowl simply holds your cannabis and allows you to light it. Depending on your own preferences and the size of the bong, the bowl can vary greatly in size.

Lastly, some bongs are also equipped with carb holes. These holes can be covered up with your thumb or finger and then released as you inhale to allow fresh air to enter. Sometimes, the downspout works as the carb hole and you simply pull out the bowl to allow that fresh air in.

Different Types of Bongs 

Just as there are many different materials used to make bongs, there are also many different types of these devices.


Percolator Bong

One of the most well-known bongs in the percolator bong. These bongs are equipped with a glass filter that disperses bubbles evenly and that filters out even more carcinogens and toxins.

Bubbler bongs are also very popular with smokers because they deliver a fantastic high and are great at cooling the smoke down before you inhale it. These bongs are difficult to clean, but they are well worth it.

Mini bongs are just what they sound like. They are very small bongs that use a carb system to filter the cannabis to the perfect consistency. They are made of glass, so they are quite fragile. There is also an increased chance of inhaling water when you use them.

Mini Bong


Of course, you don’t have to go out and purchase a bong at all. There are plenty types that you can make right at home. These include bongs made out of fruit, such as apples, or gravity bongs  or waterfall bongs. 


There is certainly a lot to know about bongs for anyone that wants to use one, or that just wants to own one of every kind. One thing you can be sure of when using a bong though, is that its the best way to get a clean, smooth smoke. This is the reason they will always be popular among smokers.