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Feminized Marijuana (Weed/Cannabis) Seeds

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80 Strains
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  5. Over 600g/sm (14)
  1. Low (74)
  2. High (5)
  • Berry Bomb Feminized – Bomb Seeds
    Everybody knows fruit is good for you, so fruit plus THC has to be even more good for you and what’s even better is that it comes in the form of a compact plant with robust genetics and great yields. More Info
  • Edam Bomb Feminized - Bomb Seeds
    Cheese, just saying the word makes you smile. Edam Bomb gives you plenty of reason to smile, with its combination of taste, THC and all-round unfussy simplicity. More Info
  • Hash Bomb Feminized – Bomb Seeds
    Hash Bomb was created to offer pain relief which is both quick and long lasting. It’s also super-easy to grow so it can be easily managed by beginners or those who have to be careful about their level of activity due to their medical condition. What’s m More Info
  • Medi Bomb #1 Feminized – Bomb Seeds
    Medi Bomb #1 is a strain which is all about calmness and relaxation for body and mind. That includes being so easy to grow even beginners can feel confident with it. More Info
  • Incredible Bulk Feminized – Dr Krippling
    Incredible Bulk is a strain which could put anyone into a better mood. There’s plenty of THC, plenty of taste and most certainly plenty of bud! More Info
  • Blue Cheese Feminized - Barneys Farm
    The whole world loves cheese, so it’s hardly surprising that Blue Cheese is one of the most popular strains on the planet. Enjoy it while it does you good and relish how easy it is to grow. More Info
  • L.S.D Feminized -  Barneys Farm
    With some strains, the clue is in the name. The name of L.S.D. might be a bit confusing but the idea is you get the sort of high you’d associate with L.S.D. but in a much safer way. More Info
  • Pineapple Chunk Feminized - Barneys Farm
    Enjoy the taste of a tropical summer even with the weather is at its worst, thanks to Pineapple Chunk, which will flower outdoors in the course of a summer and then bring it to you the rest of the year. More Info
  • Critical Kush Feminized - Barneys Farm
    Critical Kush is a fine example of how modern Indica dominants are now able to give Sativas a run for their money in terms of THC, while staying nicely compact and therefore highly suitable for people with restricted growing space. More Info
  • Cookies Kush Feminized -  Barneys Farm
    Cookies and Kush is a genius combination in all kinds of ways so it’s hardly a surprise that Cookies Kush has won critical plaudits as well as a substantial fan base amongst the public in general. More Info
  • Girl Scout Cookies Feminized - Blim Burn Seeds
    Everybody loves Girl Scout Cookies, but for all its fine qualities (and there are lots of them) some versions of it could be a bit unpredictable. This version from Blimburn Seeds, drops the THC but increases the stability. More Info
  • Cherry Bomb Feminized – Bomb Seeds
    Taste and THC are probably the first points most people look at when deciding what strains to try. Cherry Bomb has plenty of both and it’s compact, quick and easy to grow. More Info
  • Big Bomb Feminized - Bomb Seeds
    If you’re one of the many people who thinks taste, yield and robustness are more important than massive amounts of THC, then Big Bomb could be your dream come true. More Info
  • Buzz Bomb Feminized – Bomb Seeds
    In the old days “medical marijuana” was a broad term and people often just had to work out for themselves which strains were best for their condition. Now breeders are working to create strains for specific medical purposes and Buzz Bomb is one of them. More Info
  • Medi Bomb #2 Feminized – Bomb Seeds
    Medi Bomb #2 is a great example of how a classic Sativa can be updated for modern needs. It’s full of THC goodness and a delicious taste, as well as being a manageable grow. More Info