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Hybrid seeds are the result of creativity, ambition, and a sincere love of cannabis. While indicas and sativas may have their own distinct strengths, their qualities tend to run opposite to each other. Hybrid strains try to bridge this gap, crossing a wide variety of cannabis plants to create amazing strains that were previously unthinkable. From doing this you can get new and exciting strains that essentially combine the best of both worlds. Hybrid marijuana seeds offer the physical relaxation of an indica, while keeping you bright and energised thanks to its sativa side. Others may give you a typically sativa cerebral and psychedelic feel, whilst still keeping that indica sleepiness. The variety in hybird seeds is very diverse with some boldly reaching for the sky and others staying short and bushy. Hybrid marijuana plants do show the influence of their mixed genetics and display both their indica and sativa sides in numerous ways. Our selection of high-grade feminized hybrid seeds have all been altered to ensure that only female plants will be produced, making them a popular choice for many customers.


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