Crème Brute by Dragon Seeds

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This beauty is a rare indica-dominant hybrid (80/20) that is the result of a Platinum Kush, OG Kush and GSC cross. Possessing a sweet vanilla, herbal and nutty flavor with similar aromas in addition to pine and wood, Creme Brute will certainly please the nose as well as the taste buds. Its fluffy green buds with amber hairs covered in frosty trichomes are also very easy on the eyes.
Price: US$25.40
THC Content:18%-20%
Flowering Time:8-10 Weeks
Plant Height:Medium: 100cm-180cm
Genetics:Platinum OG Kush x Forum GSC – Mostly Indica

Strain Traits


This strain has an impressive terp profile, it has a remarkably pleasant effect best described as long-lasting and lifted, ideal for kicking back and relaxing. This variety is a very robust and resilient one that is resistant to mold and performs well in damp climates. Outdoors it can take a pounding from wind, making it a very forgiving plant for beginners. Indoors it will yield around 500 g/m2 whereas outdoors you can expect upwards of 600 g per plant at the end of October. The effects of Creme Brute are head-to-toe relaxation with an air of euphoria, though not over the top. Increased appetite is imminent with this variety and its medicinal properties are known for combatting depression, chronic stress, chronic fatigue and nausea, among others.
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