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Short Stuff Seeds

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Short Stuff Seeds
Short Stuff Seeds

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The Shortstuff Seed bank is an example of how breeders and growers never stop learning from each other; and about how new-found knowledge should be passed on to help others.

That’s exactly what happened with Short Stuff Seeds. This group of breeders has been putting their minds together to create great strains with high-quality genetics since the 1990s. After the Joint Doctor created the auto Lowryder strain in the mid-2000s, the guys at Short Stuff Seeds teamed up with another leader in auto plants - Breeder Stitch. In 2007, the company as its known today was formed and they’ve placed serious focus on breeding only auto strains that can go from seed to bud in just 65 days.

Today Short Stuff may only have a handful of original strains to their name, but they all bring amazing grow power along with great buds that will provide a killer buzz. Some of these strains are Auto Assassin, Super Cali Haze, and Snowryder, named after the original plant that was their inspiration.

The people at Short Stuff are too busy testing and trying new genetics to sell on their own website, so they rely on distributors and wholesalers to get their incredible seeds out for them. And if you want them, you’ve come to the right place so check out our entire selection of Shortstuff Seeds!

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