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Sativa Seedbank

Sativa Seedbank
Sativa Seedbank

Born from the great Dutch masters, Nirvana; The Sativa Seedbank is the dedicated Sativa dominant range that celebrates everything uplifting and active that cannabis has to offer.
This range of premium strains uses original many landrace genetics from all over the world, often crossing them with more established hybrid breeding stock to increase potency or reduce the flowering times that can sometimes be an issue. The sativa Seedbank has some unique and special varieties including; Full Moon – a near pure Thai sativa, NYPD – their version of the legendary NYC Diesel and award winning Sterling haze.

Many of these strains have been bred to allow for a wider appeal, meaning that flowering times and height have been taken into consideration, so they are not just for outdoor tropical growing. The range of flavours covers every pallet. Plus, with strains like Eldorado offering a thc level of 12-15%, if you are looking for a more mellow high like you had back in the 60’s and 70’s The Sativa Seedbank is definitely one to try.