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Mephisto Genetics

Mephisto Genetics
Mephisto Genetics

Mephisto Genetics is all about creating and sharing. The breeders create top-quality autoflowering strains and share each step of their journey with their fan base, which is both loyal and growing. This seed bank has never been about entering competitions and impressing judges. The people they want to impress are the cannabis community.

Their original strain was 24 Carat, which was based on Afghan quickly became recognized as meeting the “gold standard” for autoflowering strains. Since then, Mephisto Genetics have stayed true to their original aim of creating finest-quality autoflowering strains based on the best photoperiod genetics available today. In many cases, these strains are created to make a specific need.

Mephisto Genetics is still run essentially by the same two friends who started it way back in 2012, although they now have a team of 6 people and operate over two continents! Their guiding principles, however, remain very much the same. They take the best care of the best seeds to create the best strains. They share everything they do with their community so that everyone who buys from them knows exactly what they are buying and how it came to be created.

Mephisto Seeds may be one of the smallest seed banks around, but it packs a mighty punch thanks to its quality and innovation. Its many fans continue to expect great things from it.