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Kiwi Seeds

Kiwi Seeds
Kiwi Seeds

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Kiwi Seeds opened its doors in 2002 to rescue some of the old-school genetics, that once so popular in the New Zealand and South Pacific marijuana industry that were slowly disappearing. After compiling a good collection of seeds after travelling around New Zealand, Cambodia, Thailand, India, and South Africa, the company decided to open shop in Amsterdam, making their high-quality genetics available to consumers worldwide.

Since that time, Kiwi Seeds has made quite a name for itself, namely by winning several Cannabis Cups. In 2006 their Mako Haze strain won first place in the Sativa Cup category. In 2007, they won in that category again, this time second place for their Tazman Haze strain. In 2008, it was an indica strain that won them first place in the Indica Cup category for perhaps their most famous strain, Mt. Cook.

In 2006 the company amalgamated with Dampkring of Amsterdam so that they could combine the green thumbs of New Zealand with the extensive know-how of the Dutch. Together they create genetics that will delight the old schooler smokers, while ensuring that every single seed has been tested to ensure its highest quality. This rigorous testing guarantees genetic integrity and high levels of germination, so growers can continue to do their work and keep these classic genetics alive.

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