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Best Selling Strains:

It’s widely known that some of the best strains and best genetics come from Spain. Out of all the many seed banks in the country, Kannabia is one of the best. This company was one of the first to set up camp in Spain, so they could offer their brilliant strains to people all over the world. It all started with their original Mataro Blue, that has been providing relief to those that need it the most. It also has been given the honor of winning a Cannabis Cup.

Other than being one of the originals in Spain, there is not much known about the history of Kannabia. Perhaps that’s because they’re too busy creating new innovative strains and improving on their classics.

In addition to the strains that first put the company on the map, they continue to create feminized and auto-feminized seeds. Swiss Dream and Baby Boom Auto are just two of these easy-growing seeds in their catalogue.

Kannabia is about more than just easy growing though. They also have a vast interest in bringing medicinal relief for several ailments and conditions. Most of these strains are high in CBD such as Kama Kush CBD and BCN Diesel.

Any strain that Kannabia breeds, regardless of the category it falls into, are of the highest quality and extremely fresh. This is one seed bank that gives growers the confidence to know they are getting some of the best genetics and from one of the original breeders with the experience to create such fine genetics.

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