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Humboldt Seed Organisation

Humboldt Seed Organisation

Best Selling Strains:

The Humboldt area in Northern California is the epicentre of marijuana production in the United States and at the centre of that area is Humboldt Seeds.

Humboldt Seeds is a collective group of breeders and growers on one mission - to bring the best medicinal cannabis seeds to patients that want to grow their own at home and they do it in the most revolutionary way. Using only green practices in their breeding which involves sustainable growth and only using organic nutrients and pesticides, they are dedicated to keeping the area as green as possible. So it can continue providing some of the best marijuana seeds for many more years to come.

Some of their phenomenal strains to come out of these practices are 707 Headband feminized seeds, Amherst Sour Diesel feminized seeds, and Black D.O.G. feminized seeds. Humboldt is so intent in making sure that everyone has access to these medicinal strains that they’re even heavily involved in different charities, many of which make this medicinal marijuana available to low-income patients.

When you choose to buy from the Humboldt Seed Organization, you’re not just doing something great for yourself and your crops, you’re also helping the environment and helping this truly unique company help others. Now those are seeds everyone can get behind!

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