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Best Selling Strains:

When you choose to grow Dinafem seeds, you choose to grow some of the very best auto-flowering and feminized seeds around. This breeder, based in Spain but with distributors all throughout Europe, is so committed they take extra measures so that when growers’ seeds arrive, they can actually see the care and commitment this seed bank invests into every single seed they sell.

Dinafem seeds start with a thorough cleaning process unique to Dinafem to ensure that no vegetable matter, which could potentially destroy the seed, remains on it. Only the best seeds are chosen for this process, with Dinafem making sure that they have the strength and stability customers are looking for. Once picked, the seeds are then stored in a temperature and humidity-controlled area so nothing can wreck these beautiful seeds before they’re shipped out.

The seeds are not only top quality and backed by some of the finest genetics, but they’re also bred as feminized and auto-flowering strains so growers can get quick yields of seriously good weed. They’re best auto-flowering strains are marked as XXL and include Moby Dick, Amensia Haze and White Widow. Growers looking for feminized seeds will find Dinafem’s best in Original Amnesia, Moby Dick, OG Kush, Critical Jack, and Cheese. While these are the breeder’s top selling seeds, they have dozens more, so make sure you check them all out today!

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