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CBD Crew

CBD Crew
CBD Crew

Best Selling Strains:

CBD Crew may be a new player to the seed bank game, but the brilliant minds behind it are not. The team was originally comprised of Howard Marks of Mr. Nice and Jaime of Resin Seeds. Sadly, both of these founders passed away but thanks to Shantibaba, the new owner, CBD Crew is still hard at work.

The company is still doing what it’s always done, working hard to bring CBD-rich genetics to people around the world, as well as those that just want some high-quality relaxing bud. CBD of course, is one of the many compounds in cannabis that provides relief for a number of medical conditions.

CBD Crew has made it their mission to bring this medicinal cannabinoid to anyone that needs it with some of their biggest strains. They include CBD Shark, CBD Critical Mass, CBD Skunk Haze, and CBD Crew Nordle. Many of these strains come from feminized genetics so growers are ensured to get only the prettiest girls in their crops.

CBD Crew doesn’t sell directly to consumers though. Instead, they choose only the best seed banks around the world to sell their seeds for them. Those wishing to purchase these soothing seeds can still find them on CBD Crew’s website. But they will be directed to reputable seed banks that sell CBD Crew’s genetics.

Luckily, if you want to try CBD Crew’s seeds, you don’t have to go to all that trouble. You’re already here at 420-Seeds, and we’ve got a full selection for you!

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