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Hybrid strains have been bred with a carefully balanced mix of indica and sativa genetics in them. These strains are sometimes developed over many generations to create the best blends possible. All strains in this section are hybrids that have been crossed with naturally occurring ruderalis genetics. The presence of ruderalis keeps these marijuana plants slightly smaller and much tougher against disease, or conditions that could otherwise cause serious problems. This makes autos a great choice for beginners. Naturally the mixture of genetics you find in hybrids means their bud can have a wide range of effects. The non-psychoactive ruderalis properties mainly affects the growth and appearance of the plant. However, the rich diversity of indica and sativa genetics found in hybrids means that their effects can vary greatly. As each hybrid strain can be very different from the next it’s worth spending some time exploring what options are available and picking the strains that are right for you – we certainly give you enough to choose from!


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