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Auto Flowering Marijuana Seeds

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42 Strains
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  • Auto Ice Weed
    Auto Ice has a flavour which users will either love or hate. The top notes are menthol, the mid notes are earthy and the base notes are very definitely diesel. More Info
  • Auto Blueberry Marijuana
    Auto Blueberry is a modern improvement on the classic Blueberry strain which has been pleasing growers and users since the 1970s. More Info
  • Auto Ice Feminized Marijuana
    Auto Sweet Tooth is an outstanding strain for beginners, home-growers, medical users and social users who like their weed on the sweet side More Info
  • Auto White Russian Seeds
    Auto White Russian looks like an Indica, coming in at a nicely compact 25-70 centimetres, but it acts a lot like a Sativa, beginning with a high, which climbs smoothly before mellowing into a mellow, Indica stone. More Info
  • Big Bud Auto Seeds
    Big Bud Auto aims to pack the essence of the legendary Big Bud into a swift-growing, autoflowering package. More Info
  • Blue Dream Automatic
    Blue Dream Automatic is the strain to choose when you need a quality Sativa which offers excellent results without the extended growing time associated with Sativas. More Info
  • Auto Cheese feminized
    When you want the smell and taste of the original UK Cheese and you want it quickly and easily, Cheese Auto is the strain for you. More Info
  • Lowryder 2
    Lowryder 2 Feminized is the strain for those looking to grow weed with maximum speed and minimum effort. The original and most well known of the Autoflowering strains, this is a must for first time growers. More Info
  • White Dwarf Marijuana
    White Dwarf is essentially a pure Indica with a Ruderalis element added to make it autoflowering. This strain is good choice for beginners as it is so very easy to grow and stays compact enough to be grown in the smallest of spaces. More Info
  • Auto #1 Auto Seeds
    The Original strain from Auto Seeds. A short and punchy auto strain that still gives great results in really short time frames. Definitely worth a go if you are new to autoflowering genetics More Info
  • Candy Kush – Auto Seeds
    If you want a strain which has it all and does it all, Candy Kush could be exactly what you're looking for. It's short, fast and easy to grow, has a decent amount of THC and a great taste which is a blend of candy sweetness and luscious hash richness. More Info
  • Gorilla Glue – Auto Seeds
    Gorilla Glue Auto is setting a whole new standard for autoflowering strains. You get everything you would expect from a top-quality, photoperiod Sativa, including 23% THC, but in a plant which is compact enough to grow indoors and is ready from seed in just 10 to 11 weeks. What’s more it’s hardy, robust and easy to grow. More Info
  • Ultra Lemon Haze – Auto Seeds
    Ultra Lemon Haze is one Haze strain which likes to stay short as well as sweet and is easy enough for even beginners to grow. What’s more you have a high degree of control over the level of THC so this strain can be enjoyed by people with varying medical needs. More Info
  • Girl Scout Cookies - Auto Seeds
    The original Girl Scout Cookies was just so utterly brilliant there was only ever going to be one way to make it even better – to make it autoflowering. More Info
  • Auto Pounder – Auto Seeds
    If you’re looking to find the strain which delivers the absolute best all-round results for the absolute minimum of space and effort, then we think Auto Pounder would be a strong contender. More Info