Aurora Indica Regular by Nirvana

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Aurora Indica is sure to please anyone who’s short on space and/or time but still wants a quality strain with meaningful medical benefits.
Price: US$20.67
THC Content15%-18%
Flowering Time8-10 Weeks
Plant HeightShort: 60cm-100cm

Strain Traits


Aurora Indica offers 14% to 19% THC, which is more than enough to relieve pain and emotional issues and also has an unusual, very zingy taste, which is sure to please your taste buds. It's short, quick and packed full of landrace genetics for an easy, beginner-friendly grow.

With 14% to 19% THC, Aurora Indica can get to work quickly and effectively on pain or emotional negativity, without ever making you feel like you're being blasted out into the stars. This strain is still very much Indica dominant, so you also get plenty of CBD for deep relaxation and longer-lasting pain relief.

The taste is sure to set your mouth watering. The top notes are of herbs and spices, particularly pine and the base is of sweet wood, but in between there's a slightly chemical edge to it. The fragrance is much sweeter, there's still the herbal note, particularly lavender and perhaps a touch of tropical fruit, but while the chemical edge largely disappears, the aroma still keeps that solid, earthy base.

Anyone growing indoors will be happy to hear that Aurora Indica has a growing range of about 60cm (indoor minimum) to 1M (outdoor maximum). Indoors, it will finish flowering in just 7 to 9 weeks and will general yield about 400g/m2 and outdoors it will be ready to harvest around the end of September or start of October and will generally produce about 400g per plant.

The name of Aurora Indica is actually quite a fun play on its genetics, which are Afghani and Northern Lights (which is itself based on Afghani). The proper name for the northern lights is the aurora borealis and Afghani is often considered to be the founder of domestic Indicas, hence Aurora Indica. In any case, it's short, fast robust and a great choice for beginners.

Use Aurora Indica at night for pain, insomnia, stress and depression.

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