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Products beginning with 't'

  • Tahoe Feminized by Big Buddha Seeds
    Big Buddha's Tahoe is a winner of the High Times Cannabis Cup 2011 it came 3rd Place as an overall winner.
  • Tangerine Dream Auto Feminized - Barney's Farm
    Auto Tangelo Rapido from Barneys Farm is the Tangerine Dream, auto version.
  • Tangerine Dream Feminized Barneys Farm
    Tangerine Dream is an Indica dominant strain that offers tangy Tangerine aromas and flavours, giving an instant relaxing and cerebral high.
  • Tangerine Kush by Exotic Seeds
    This variety belonging to one of our Kush family hybrids, is characterised for producing individuals were we find nearly orange and lemon scents interspersed with the strength of the scent of the mother Kush, which is noted in the final flavour. 
  • Tangerine Kush Regular by Exotic Seeds
    This variety belonging to one of Exotic Seeds Kush family hybrids, known for producing individuals were you find orange and lemon scents interspersed with the strength of the scent of the mother Kush, which is noted in the final flavour.
  • Tangie Auto by Blim Burn Seeds
    The new generation Tangie Feminized, has all the necessary features to satisfy any grower.
  • Tangie'matic by Fast Buds Seeds
    Tangie'matic is the creation resulting from our latest research , where we have used the best Autoflowering varieties of the latest generation .
  • Tha Shiznit Feminized by Short Stuff - 5 Seeds
    Tha Shiznit is an Auto strain of the highest possible quality. The Urban Dictionary describes the phrase, ‘Tha Shiznit' as ‘The greatest, the best ever, simply the shit…' and this autoflowering strain matches up to that description.
  • Thai Fantasy Feminized by Kannabia - 5 Seeds
    A genetic selection arriving from the other side of the ocean. This is the result of the cross between our only Thai variety in our mother room and Black Domina, resulting in an incredible volcano of flavours and smells.
  • Thai x Skunk
    Thai X Skunk is exactly what is says it is, a cross between the pure Sativa Thai and the Indica-dominant hybrid Californian Skunk. While the flavour obviously has a skunk edge, it has overtones of herbs and spices and rich earthiness too.
  • THC Bomb Auto Feminized - Bomb Seeds
    The original THC Bomb impressed both critics and the public, but in recognition of the fact that some medical users needed a strain which was even easier to grow, Bomb Seeds created THC Bomb Auto.
  • THC Bomb Feminized - Bomb Seeds
    These days, many people have limited growing space but still want the benefits of THC, that’s exactly why Bomb Seeds created THC Bomb.
  • THC Bomb Regular - Bomb Seeds
    These days, many people have limited growing space but still want the benefits of THC, that’s exactly why Bomb Seeds created THC Bomb.
  • The Bulldog Haze Auto by Bulldog Seeds
    The Bulldog Haze Auto is the combination of the Cannabis Ruderalis species originated in central Russia with the famous Haze Sativa plant.
  • The Bulldog Haze by Bulldog Seeds – 5 Seeds
    This Cannabis variety is prized by The Bulldog Seeds, hence why it features their name!
  • The Bulldog Skunk Regular by Bulldog Seeds – 5 Seeds
    Skunk refers to a subset of sativa dominant strains.
  • The Chronic by Bulldog Seeds – 5 Seeds
    Bulldog Seeds Chronic is suprisingly elegant and savagely good.
  • The Church CBD Feminized by Green House Seeds
    The Church CBD is an incredibly productive and cannabinoid-rich plant.
  • The Church Feminized by Green House Seeds
    The Church is a high yielding and very potent variety based on the genetic mix of a Swiss Sativa/Indica hybrid called "Erdbeer" (German for strawberry), Super Skunk and Northern Lights.
  • The Cure Regular - Mr Nice - 15 Seeds
    Bred from complex parallels to combine allot of genetic material from proven male lines of outstanding pedigree since the 70s.
  • The Doctor Feminized by Green House Seeds
    The Doctor is specialized in treating pain and insomnia. This blend of Great White Shark, South Indian and Super Skunk is an extremely good yielder and produces highly potent weed.
  • The Doors Regular - Mr Nice - 15 Seeds
    Not for everyone as it will test the level of endurance and patience! But like all great events in the life that take time this is one to be savored with special events like a birth of a child or a wedding...
  • The Edge - Feminized Dutch Passion Seeds
    If you're a fan of strong old-school Skunk varieties with bumper harvests then this is a perfect choice.
  • The Stones Regular - Mr Nice - 15 Seeds
    Probably one of the most favorite effects growers look for is found on the Master Kush side of strains.
  • The Ultimate Feminized - Dutch Passion Seeds
    Through careful breeding we have created one of our most important strains, we call it “The Ultimate” as it combines some of the heaviest yields we have ever seen with genuine connoisseur quality.
  • Thin Mint Crack by Seed Stockers
    Thin Mint Crack from Seed Stockers uses some of the most sought after Girl Scout genetics (the Thin Mint phenotype) which contains Durban Poison and OG Kush.
  • Think Big - Dutch Passion Seeds
    Think Big® is a new high performance AutoFem based on the legendary Think Different genetics.
  • Think Different Auto - Dutch Passion Seeds
    Think Different is the real surprise package in the Dutch Passion AutoFem collection.
  • Think Fast by Feminized Dutch Passion Seeds
    Dutch Passion are proud to present the non-Feminized version of the legendary Think Different. Think Fast® was created by crossing Think Different AutoFem with a specially selected cutting of the Dutch Passion classic Power Plant® in the search of new AutoFem genetics.
  • Three Blue Kings by HSO Seeds
    Three Blue Kings cannabis seeds by Humboldt Seed Organization are a feminised, Indica-dominant cannabis strain derived by crossing Blue Dream and Three Kings ((Headband x Sour Diesel) x OG Kush). With impressive yields, amazing resin counts, tons of flavour and an overwhelming effect, this is definitely one of the best American-born hybrids of all times.
  • Thunderbolt Regular by Grand Daddy Purp
    True to form, Ken developed a heavy hitter both in quality of the smoke as well as in quantity of yield in these amazing cannabis seeds.
  • TNR Feminized - KC Brains - 5 Seeds
    T.N.R is a special outdoor plant. The parents are a Thai lady that has been growing for 28 years in Holland, crossed over with a double K.C. 2. This plant is the giant of the cannabis plants, with huge colas. The buds have a pure Thai-aroma.
  • TNR Regular - KC Brains - 5 Seeds
    T.N.R ® is a special outdoor plant.
  • TNT Kush by Eva Seeds
    Eva Seed's TNT Kush feminized marijuana seeds come from a selection of landrance Indicas from Pakistan.
  • TNT Kush CBD by Eva Seeds
    Eva Seeds' TNT Kush CBD feminised marijuana seeds is a cross between TNT Kush and a male with high content of CBD (Cannabidiol) of CBD Crew.
  • Tom Kush OG Feminized by Vision Seeds
    Derived from a truly legendary family first cultivated along the West Coast of the United States, yes, the now world famous OG Kush, a strain shrouded in mystery and trailed by decades of speculation where it comes to its genetic make-up.
  • Tonic Ryder Feminized by W.O.S. Seeds
    The World of Seeds Team is proud to present our first non-photo dependent high CBD content cannabis strain, which we've called Tonic Ryder.
  • Toof Decay by Mephisto Genetics
    Toof Decay is one of Mephitso Genetics personal favourites. She is one of the prettiest varieties they hold, lime green buds, super orange pistils contrasting wonderfully against coloured foliage and littered with oily resin which extends to stems and big fan leaves.
  • Top Dawg Feminized - Barney's Farm
    Top Dawg is a true marijuana experience. It starts with strong pungent scent, and finishes with an amazing mind and muscle relaxing high.
  • Total Paralysis Feminized by Heavyweight Seeds
    Total Paralysis is a beautiful looking and big yielding plant that delivery a heavy, long lasting high.
  • Toxic Feminized by Ripper Seeds
    Toxic by Ripper Seeds is the result of crossing two of their most awarded varieties Ripper Haze and Criminal +, a hybrid created with the intention of achieving a high yielding plant with a large number of trichomes.
  • Trainwreck Feminized by Green House Seeds
    Train Wreck is a medically very valuable variety with a multitude of benefits - patients suffering from insomnia, depression, anxiety, lack of appetite, cramps, nausea, muscle aches, pain and tension will welcome its high potency and effectiveness.
  • Trainwreck Feminized by HSO Seeds
    This sativa blend has its origin in Arcata, Humboldt, CA, and is one of the strongest Sativas created in California.
  • Trans Siberian – Auto Seeds
    Just like its namesake, Trans Siberian is quick-growing and very effective. It’s little wonder that so many people have come to rely on it to see them through the dark days of winter and beyond.
  • Triple A Auto by Exotic Seeds
    The development of this strain has turned out to be much more interesting then Exotic Seeds thought at the beginning. They were very surprised about how the genetics fitted together, using Amnesia Haze and Black Domina they found plants that were growing larger than 80 centimeters.
  • Triple Cheese Feminized - Barney's Farm
    Triple cheese is the crossing of our Blue Cheese with the powerful Original Cheese (Skunk#1 phenotype), created over many generations of selections and backcrossing to give this amazing strain.
  • Turbo Bud Auto by Heavyweight Seeds
    Although a good production is guaranteed from this member of the Heavyweight Autoflowering family, this variety also has pure quality to offer.
  • Tutankhamon Feminized by Pyramid Seeds
    Tutankhamon is the sort of strain Cleopatra would have enjoyed. Sadly for her she missed out on it, but luckily for us, it’s available today and you don’t need a palace full of servants to grow it.