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Products beginning with 'm'

  • Malana Bomb Auto Feminized – Barney's Farm
    At Barney’s we strive to bring you the best strains, so with Malana Bomb Auto we started with one of the most important plants in Marijuana culture: the Malana Charas.
  • Medi Bomb #1 Feminized – Bomb Seeds
    Medi Bomb #1 is a strain which is all about calmness and relaxation for body and mind. That includes being so easy to grow even beginners can feel confident with it.
  • Medi Bomb #2 Feminized – Bomb Seeds
    Medi Bomb #2 is a great example of how a classic Sativa can be updated for modern needs. It’s full of THC goodness and a delicious taste, as well as being a manageable grow.
  • MIG-29 – Auto Seeds
    MIG-29 is one tough little strain, there’s very little will knock it down (other than plant training of course). While it can be kept small in size, the yields are generous and the bountiful and beautiful buds are nicely sticky with those beautiful THC-rich trichomes.
  • Moby Dick XXL Auto by Dinafem
    Moby Dick XXL Auto cannabis seeds by Dinafem Seeds belong to a  feminized autoflowering cannabis strain that results from the cross between a White Widow XXL Auto and a Haze XXL Auto. 
  • Morning Glory Feminized - Barney's Farm
    Morning Glory is the result of a three way strain cross, a combination of Afghani Indica with Hawaiian and Skunk #1.