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Products beginning with 'j'

  • Jack 47 by Sweet Seeds
    This super hybrid is the result of crossing two of the strongest varieties of all times, Jack Herer and AK-47.
  • Jack 47 Fast V by Sweet Seeds
    Feminized autoflowering version available, ultra-fast flowering, one of the strongest varieties of our catalog.
  • Jack F1 Feminized - Spliff Seeds - 5 Seeds
    Jack F1 is our crossbreed between Northern Lights, a Skunk F1 and a Mexican Haze.
  • Jack F1 Regular - Spliff Seeds - 5 Seeds
    Jack F1 is our crossbreed between Northern Lights, a Skunk F1 and a Mexican Haze.
  • Jack Flash #5 Feminized by Sensi Seeds
    Having created what became the most awarded cannabis in the world in the form of Sensi Seeds Jack Herer, we decided to continue to work with this superb line of genetics to see what other delicious delights it had to offer.
  • Jack Herer Auto by Bulldog Seeds – 5 Seeds
    Auto Jack Herer is an auto-flowering cross of the legendary Jack Herer with Canadian Ruderalis genetics.
  • Jack Herer Auto Feminized by Green House Seeds
    Jack Herer is a true treat for growers! A reliable and speedy cultivation is guaranteed and the grand harvest happens in just nine weeks.
  • Jack Herer by Black Skull Seeds
    Jack Herer is a sativa dominant marijuana strain named after the famous Marijauana activist. It was first created by crossing a Haze hybrid with Northern Lights #5 and Shiva skunk. The aim was to capture the cerebral high of a sativa strain with the quicker flowering time of an indica plant along with heavy resin production. The result surpassed all expectations and Jack Herer has gone on to become one of the world’s most popular strains.
  • Jack Herer by Bulldog Seeds – 5 Seeds
    Jack Herer needs no explanation. If you speak with any Cannabis enthusiast who knows what's what about genetics will tell you that this strain has an extremely high reputation.
  • Jack Herer Feminized by Green House Seeds
    This is Greenhouse Seeds' tribute to the marijuana activist Jack Herer. They took a Haze and crossed it with Red Skunk, resulting in a very potent and high yielding variety.
  • Jack Herer Feminized by Sensi Seeds
    Whether you're interested in medicinal marijuana or just looking for the finest cannabis there is, Jack Herer Feminized cannabis seeds have everything a grower could want in an indoor strain. This hybrid's complex balance of sativa and indica qualities produces exquisitely structured buds with a fantastically dense coating of cannabinoid-rich resin glands.
  • Jack Herer Feminized by Vision Seeds
    The Jack Herer is a sativa dominant strain, a cross between Skunk #1, Northern Lights #5 and Haze.
  • Jack Mist Tree Feminized by Dr Krippling Seeds
    This seriously big-yielding plant is almost 95 - 100% pure sativa and is a phenomenal mixture of Jack and Kali. It takes a little longer to flower than some other varieties, but as soon as you see this beauty you'll know the wait is worth it. A plant of epic proportions.
  • Jack the Ripper Auto by Zambeza Seeds
    Jack the Ripper is the autoflowering version of the famous Jack Herer, with the genetics of Ruderalis, Sativa and Indica.
  • Jack-Matic by Black Skull Seeds
    Jack-Matic is an autoflower cross of SkullRyder and Blackskull’s own fast-flowering version of the awarding winning Jack Herer.  The result is a Sativa dominant auto strain for connoisseur growers who are looking for something a little special for their collection.
  • Jackie White Feminized by Paradise Seeds - 5 Seeds
    Jacky White 's hardiness, high yield, fast finish, and striking profile are appreciated characteristics.
  • Jackpot Auto by Heavyweight Seeds
    With a large number of autoflowering strains now available, it can be really difficult to know which one to choose.Well, look no further; the Heavyweight team have been busy perfecting the ultimate auto!
  • Jamaican Dream by Eva Seeds
    Eva Seeds' Jamaican Dream feminized marijuana seeds come from a selection of Jamaican landrance seeds which result in the fastest Sativa in the market, which can be harvested after 42-45 days of flowering, after the appropriate growth.
  • Jamaican Pearl Feminized by Sensi Seeds
    Jamaican Pearl's vigorous, productive growing profile is a favourite of growers everywhere.
  • Jelly Bananen by Exotic Seeds
    Jelly Bananen is a sativa Hybrid which is the result of crossing Strawberry Banana and an Og Kush that came from Hippie Hill Genetics in the United States.
  • Jock Horror Feminized - Nirvana Seeds
    Jock Horror is a three-way hybrid of Northern Light, Skunk and Haze.
  • Jock Horror Regular - Nirvana Seeds
    Jock Horror is a three-way hybrid of Northern Light, Skunk and Haze.
  • Jorges Diamonds #1 Feminized by Dutch Passion Seeds
    We are pleased to work together with Jorge Cervantes in our mutual project: "Jorge's Diamonds".
  • Juicy Lucy – Auto Seeds
    We actually rather liked Juicy Lucy’s original name of Auto Pounder with Cheese, which also summed up the genetics. With 14% THC, Juicy Lucy can offer pain relief along with a gentle boost to your mood to nudge you out of any negativity you may be feeling.
  • Julie's Cookies Auto by Big Head Seeds
    Julie’s Cookies Auto is our latest fast growing and compact wonderplant following on from the hugely popular Julie’s Cookies, BigHead’s re-working of the legendary multi cannabis cup winning Girl Scout Cookies, this pocket rocket delivers the best of all worlds.
  • Jumping Black Dash by Dr Krippling Seeds
    An Feminized plant from our strains in black.- Thick, impenatrable buds, packed with gorgeous flavours of sweets and grapes.
  • Jungle Fever Auto by Exotic Seeds
    This variety could be defined as an autoflowering gene of sativa predominance, with a superior height close to a meter of height and average-high production, whose culmination ends in 10 weeks from its twinning.