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Products beginning with 'i'

  • Ice
    Ice Regular has a proud pedigree being a skillful cross between some of the best varieties of weed known to humankind. The result is a compact Indica-dominant with excellent levels of THC and simply packed with the white trichomes from which it gets its name.
  • Ice Bomb Feminized - Bomb Seeds
    There are quite a few strains with chocolate in the name and some of them really do taste like chocolate, but Ice Bomb is the first strain we’ve found which packs a genuinely chocolatey flavour into such a small, quick-growing package.
  • Ice Feminized
    Ice Feminized is an Indica-dominant hybrid which manages to pack the sort of THC levels you’d expect from a quality Sativa.
  • Incredible Bulk Feminized – Dr Krippling
    Incredible Bulk is a strain which could put anyone into a better mood. There’s plenty of THC, plenty of taste and most certainly plenty of bud!