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Products beginning with 'i'

  • Ice
    Ice Regular has a proud pedigree being a skillful cross between some of the best varieties of weed known to humankind. The result is a compact Indica-dominant with excellent levels of THC and simply packed with the white trichomes from which it gets its name.
  • Ice Bomb Feminized - Bomb Seeds
    There are quite a few strains with chocolate in the name and some of them really do taste like chocolate, but Ice Bomb is the first strain we’ve found which packs a genuinely chocolatey flavour into such a small, quick-growing package.
  • Ice by Female Seeds
    The ICE cannabis strain is a selected phenotype from a Skunk Special x White Widow hybrid that was then crossbred with a Blueberry to improve the taste. She was selected out of 500 females, because of her amazing yield, resin production, taste and smell. Years of backcrossing and cubing were spent to stabilize this cross before we had the perfect phenotype.
  • Ice Cool by Sweet Seeds
    An up-grade of one of our latest and most appreciated plants, developed from a NYC genetic Diesel line.
  • Ice Cream Feminized by Paradise Seeds - 5 Seeds
    The name comes from the smoothness that makes Ice Cream a winner with growers and smokers around the world.
  • Ice Feminized - 5 Seeds
    Ice Feminized is an Indica-dominant hybrid which manages to pack the sort of THC levels you’d expect from a quality Sativa.
  • Ice Feminized - Nirvana Seeds
    With Ice we have successfully attempted to bring quality and quantity together.
  • Ice Feminized by Royal Queen Seeds
    What happens when you cross a pure Afghan with a Northern Lights and a Skunk?
  • Ice Regular - Nirvana Seeds
    With Ice we have successfully attempted to bring quality and quantity together.
  • Iced Grapefruit by Female Seeds
    Iced Grapefruit is the perfect mental painkiller. Where pharmaceutical antidepressants numb feelings; our Grapefruit cannabis makes you feel happy and enlightened - just like a classic Sativa. The ICE® strain, being one of the strongest cannabis strains in the world, is more of a physical heavy bodied painkiller. The Iced Grapefruit strain holds very promising prospects with a wide range of medical effects from the parents
  • Incredible Bulk Auto by Dr Krippling Seeds
    Due to the instantaneous demand and proven success of our Incredible Bulk, everyone at Team Krippling knew this Auto variety had to be created.
  • Incredible Bulk Feminized by Dr Krippling Seeds
    Bred to be a heavy weight performer, this plant does not disappoint.
  • Incredible Bulk Feminized – Dr Krippling
    Incredible Bulk is a strain which could put anyone into a better mood. There’s plenty of THC, plenty of taste and most certainly plenty of bud!
  • Indigo Berry Kush by Sweet Seeds
    This variety was developed within a programme of the Sweet Seeds®' R+D Department that was focused on the search for exquisite and marvellous earthy aromas.
  • Indoor Mix by Female Seeds
    The Indoor Cannabis Mix is a mix of all kinds of hybrids of Female Seeds cannabis strains (breeding stock) and our strains crossed with other top strains. Be surprised!
  • Indoor Mix Feminized - Kiwi Seeds
    If you're one of those who like to have a bit of variety in the garden, or someone who simply can't make the choice out of all the great seeds we have to offer, we've created the indoor-mix especially for you.
  • Industrial Plant Auto by Dinafem Seeds
    Industrial Plant cannabis seeds by Dinafem Seeds belong to a feminized, Sativa/Indica cannabis strain that results from the cross between an Afghani and a Thai.
  • Industrial Plant Auto CBD by Dinafem Seeds
    Industrial Plant Feminized CBD cannabis seeds by Dinafem Seeds belong to a feminised Feminized marijuana strain that originates from the cross of an Industrial Plant and a CBD-rich auto.