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Products beginning with 'g'

  • G Bomb Feminized by Big Buddha Seeds
    Also known as the G, the G-Force is an elite clone located in the underground network of UK.
  • G13 Haze
    G13 Haze Regular is a legendary strain in more ways than one. The story goes that the variety we now know and love was liberated from a top-secret U.S. government laboratory by a technician who wanted its benefit to be shared with the world.
  • G13 Haze Feminized - 5 Seeds
    Leaving aside all the hype about its purportedly mysterious background and focus on the fact that G13 Haze Feminized is an utterly outstanding Sativa with a mouth-watering taste and rewarding effect.
  • G13 Haze Feminized - Barney's Farm
    What happens when you mix the legendary G13 with our favourite Hawaiian Sativa?
  • G13 x Haze Regular - Mr Nice - 15 Seeds
    This is a hybrid that has had to be inbred since the G13 was only available as a female clone.
  • G13 x Skunk Regular - Mr Nice - 15 Seeds
    This is probably one of the biggest mainstream cannabis media stars, due to the rather colorful mythology that surrounds the stories of its origin.
  • G13 x Widow Regular - Mr Nice - 15 Seeds
    Over the past decade in the cannabis culture, there have been several new hybrids developed that took the cannabinoid levels to some significant heights inthe growing plant.
  • G14 by Fast Buds Seeds
    G14 is the most stable strain that is offered by Fast Buds. With this variety, all efforts have been expended to improve the Lowryder lineage while preserving its finest qualities, especially with regards to its most prominent features: quick blooming times, compact form, and an overall discrete growth profile, This variety is ideal for urban gardening and adapts well to cityscapes.
  • Ganesh Spirit by Sweet Seeds
    Indica-Sativa Hybrid, fast flowering, developed from a very stable genetic, elite Sativa clone, a pure and aromatic procedent from the Northern mountains of India, one of the primary areas of origin of the different varieties of cannabis.
  • Ganj-nam Style Feminized by Dr Krippling Seeds
    What do you get when Dr Krippling crosses a strain originating from the jungles of Vietnam and Laos, with a classic re-working of the Big Bud?? Answer: “GANJ-NAM STYLE! “
  • Gelato 41 by Seed Stockers
    If you are going to grow Gelato, then grow the best genetic line available - Gelato 41.
  • Gelato Auto by Fast Buds Seeds
    One of the most desired strains from Fast Buds is finally here, Gelato Auto: a decadent dessert cannabis stoner delight. Born in Cali, Gelato has quickly become the staple of quality and flavor all over the world. After trying it a long time ago, the Fast Buds team knew it was love at first toke, and we immediately decided to get to work so we could add this fantastic strain to our catalogue. Following years of labor, we now present you with a gourmet autoflower strain with a mix of complex flavour profiles. It’s a balanced, high-THC hybrid, making it the perfect choice for cannabis lovers of all types.
  • Gelato Cookie D'Oh-ope Auto aka GGG3 by Dr Krippling Seeds
    Ground breaking, glorious, grand, generous, gluey, gigantic genetics ‘av gone into the Triple G range.
  • GH Cheese Feminized by Green House Seeds
    While the original UK Cheese is still one of the most popular strains in the world, breeders have long since realized that there is room for more than one cheese in the world of marijuana as there is in the world of food. So here is Big Buddha’s version of the classic.
  • Giant Skittlez by Mega Buds
    Huge and Tasty – Giant Skittlez is the ultimate blend of size and flavour. Massive Yields are a given with our strains but with this taste sensation you get the best of both worlds. Think the sweetest of candy, only in Mega sized proportions. Open up a giant bag of candy to taste the rainbow!
  • Gigabud Feminized by G13 Labs - 5 Seeds
    It is an extremely productive variety, being a cross between NL and Big Bud.
  • Ginger Punch Auto by Kannabia - 5 Seeds
    Among the great variety of commercial mothers available, we have rescued the Ginger Ale variety-for the general public: A real legend among American cannabis breeders due to its exact proportion between Haze and Cinderella 88.
  • Gipsy Haze by Eva Seeds
    Eva Seeds' Gipsy Haze feminized marijuana seeds come from crossing (Jack Herer x Black Domina) x Space Bomb.
  • Girl Scout Cookies - Auto Seeds
    The original Girl Scout Cookies was just so utterly brilliant there was only ever going to be one way to make it even better – to make it autoflowering.
  • Girl Scout Cookies by Fast Buds Seeds
    The Girl Scout Cookies variety is bona fide high-quality marijuana. It is without a doubt the best Californian strain of all time. Currently Girl Scout Cookies has a large number of fans throughout the United States West Coast, and is going strong in Europe, Eastern Europe and Asia. We have managed to recreate an auto flower that does the original GSC justice. We've selected true Girl Scout Cookies genetics and crossed them with the Canadian Ruderalis. The result is an Indica-dominant hybrid (almost 60%), with Canadian Ruderalis and Sativa making up the difference.
  • Girl Scout Cookies Extreme by Bulldog Seeds – 5 Seeds
    Bulldog Seeds have created the perfect balance between the finest White Widow XTRM and the nice smell and taste of Girl Scout Cookies.
  • Girl Scout Cookies Feminized - 5 Seeds
    Having rapidly risen to be one of the worlds most popular strains Girl Scout Cookies offers massive medical benefits in a cookie-flavoured smoke.
  • Girl Scout Cookies Feminized by Blim Burn Seeds
    Everybody loves Girl Scout Cookies, but for all its fine qualities (and there are lots of them) some versions of it could be a bit unpredictable. This version from Blimburn Seeds, drops the THC but increases the stability.
  • Glookies by Barney's Farm
    If Marvel Studios created an Avengers cannabis strain this would be it! Glookies. Witness the power from this Indica dominant superhero of a strain, created by the careful fusion of two eclectic cannabis superstars. Gorilla Glue and The Original Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies need no introduction.
  • Glue Gelato Auto by Barney's Farm
    Are you ready to experience the GLUE GELATO AUTO™? Elite West Coast cuts have been discovered and melded into an autoflowering jewel.
  • Glueberry Auto by Expert Seeds
    Glueberry is another exceptional cross of Gorilla Glue #4 and Blueberry, this 50/50 hybrid has a great structure during grow stage with a Indica structure, then once switched to bloom she starts to stretch.
  • Glueberry O.G.Feminized by Dutch Passion Seeds
    As the green revolution is steadily growing bigger in the USA, also USA based genetics are flourishing.
  • Gnomo Automatic by Kannabia - 5 Seeds
    The influence of our Mataró Blue predominates in this cross with Rudelaris, creating a high-yield autoflowering plant with a lot of flavour.
  • Gold Bar Kush Feminized - Spliff Seeds - 5 Seeds
    By crossing Medical Kush with Orange Bud, we created a kush hybrid which grows much taller and faster than Medical Kush.
  • Gold Mine Feminized by Heavyweight Seeds
    We're proud to announce the arrival of Goldmine, a simply astounding plant of 24 carat quality.
  • Gold Rush Outdoor Feminized - Spliff Seeds - 5 Seeds
    We took our trusted Polm Gold and mixed in an old-school Purple Power to create the perfect strain for growing outdoors in the Northern Hemispheres.
  • Golden Haze Feminized - Devil's Harvest Seeds
    After centering our attention on heavy hitting Indicas for the past few seasons we decided it was time to focus on producing a potent haze to add to our library.
  • Golden Lemon Haze by Seeds Stockers
    This feminized photoperiod variety uses old school Haze genetics and produces some of the best quality cannabis you could wish to grow. With high quality Haze parent genetics, the Haze offspring with the strongest Lemon aroma were selected for Seed Stockers Golden Lemon Haze.
  • Gorilla Bomb Feminized - Bomb Seeds
    Gorilla Bomb is undoubtedly a mighty strain, which is hardly surprising since it comes from only the best genetics for only the best results.
  • Gorilla Breath by HSO Seeds
    Gorilla Breath by Humboldt Seed Organization is an Indica-dominant feminized cannabis strain much sought after by experienced growers. If you buy Gorilla Breath seeds, you will have the chance to enjoy one of the top-ten cannabis hybrid crosses in the USA.
  • Gorilla Candy by Eva Seeds
    Gorilla Candy feminized marijuana seeds from Eva Seeds are a result of crossing the famous Gorilla Glue 4 and Papa's Candy.
  • Gorilla Glue Auto by Fast Buds Seeds
    This strain receives its name from the trichomes, that “glue up” the scissors when manicuring this baby.
  • Gorilla Glue by Black Skull Seeds
    Blackskullメs Gorilla Glue has been created by crossing Chocolate Diesel X Sour Diesel strains to produce this indica dominant variety.
  • Gorilla Glue – Auto Seeds
    Gorilla Glue Auto is setting a whole new standard for autoflowering strains. You get everything you would expect from a top-quality, photoperiod Sativa, including 23% THC, but in a plant which is compact enough to grow indoors and is ready from seed in just 10 to 11 weeks. What’s more it’s hardy, robust and easy to grow.
  • Gorilla Infested Gelato Auto aka GGG2 by Dr Krippling Seeds
    Gorilla Infested Gelato (GGG#2) is a feminised auto strain that is another poly-hybrid from Dr. Krippling.
  • Gorilla Lilly Feminized by Expert Seeds
    The Gorilla Glue #4 strain is a potent hybrid strain that delivers heavy-handed euphoria and relaxation, leaving you feeling “glued” to the couch.
  • Gorilla x Cookies Feminized by Expert Seeds
    Gorilla x Cookies is a cross between Gorilla Glue and an elite Cookie Wreck clone.
  • Gorilla x White Widow Feminized by Expert Seeds
    The Gorrila Glue #4 strain is a potent hybrid strain that delivers heavy-handed euphoria and relaxation, leaving you feeling “glued” to the couch.
  • Gorilla Zkittlez by Barney's Farm
    Unleash the gigantic power of West Coast genetics with an amazing fusion of GG 4 and Zkittlez. Introducing Barney’s Farm brand new GORILLA ZKITTLEZ™. An exquisite trichome celebration awaits the patient following 60 days in bloom. You won’t forget the first time you experience her fertile fruits. Leaning toward the Indica side of the cannabis spectrum, this emerging favourite is a powerful and thought provoking beauty, whose trichome-laden glistening pistils will delight all comers.
  • Gouda's Grass Autofem by Vision Seeds
    Formerly known as Delhi Cheese. From Veda to Vision Seeds, the "Goudas Grass" is divine genetic excellence lost in time now reincarnated, a source of happiness, bringer of joy and liberator of fear all coming from in one seed.
  • Gouda's Grass Feminized by Vision Seeds
    Formerly known as Vision Seeds Cheese
  • Grand Heft Auto by Dr Krippling Seeds
    This strain is magnificent & imposing in appearance and size.
  • Grandaddy Banner by Big Head Seeds
    Although Grandaddy Banner is a slightly Indica dominant strain, her appearance is very Sativa-like. Grandaddy Banner combines the best qualities of Grandaddy Purple and Bruce Banner.
  • Grandaddy Purple Feminized - 5 Seeds
    Grandaddy Purple is sometimes known as the “Royal Indica”. The most obvious reason for this is its glorious purple colour, with its royal associations, but there are plenty of other reasons to consider this strain the king of the Indicas and certainly a contender for the crown of best strain out there.
  • Grandaddy Purple Feminized by Blim Burn Seeds
    One of the most beautifully colored, flavorful and potent indica dominant strains, Granddaddy Purple (GDP) has won numbers awards since hitting the mainstream in 2003.
  • Grandpa Larry Regular by Grand Daddy Purp
    Another quality variety that growers of GrandDaddy Purp will enjoy.
  • Grapefruit by Fast Buds Seeds
    Who doesn’t love Grapefruit? Fast Buds loved it enough to make a strain out of it. There Grapefruit strain is a very productive and powerful autoflowering hybrid. This is Fast Buds' autoflower take on Vancouver Sour Citrus genetics. It packs all the flavor of the BC bud original into a fast-growing bud production machine.
  • Grapefruit by Female seed
    The initial Grapefruit cannabis strain was created in 1998 as a regular strain from a special C99 clone crossed with a Thai Sativa, and an automatic strain to improve flowering time. So, the Grapefruit strain has been around for nearly 20 years! Our Grapefruit feminized seeds have improved over the years and the female version was launched in 2003 at the start of Female Seeds. The Grapefruit strain currently being sold stems from an amazing line Ferry created in 2007. The parents of that line were selected on two criteria: the amazingly strong Grapefruit / Pineapple smell and the moderate height of the phenotypes.
  • Great White Shark CBD Feminized by Green House Seeds
    Great White Shark CBD is a mostly indica strain created by crossing genetics from White Widow (Brazilian x South Indian) with Super Skunk and CBD parent.
  • Great White Shark Feminized - 5 Seeds
    Great White Shark is a strain with plenty of bite to get your jaws into. Bad puns aside, this is a compact Indica with buds which are simply laden with trichomes.
  • Great White Shark Feminized by Green House Seeds
    Great White Shark is another member of the "White" family; actually she has been created by marrying White Widow (Brazilian x South Indian) with Super Skunk.
  • Green AK XL Auto by Zambeza Seeds
    (Previously known as AK-47 XL Auto) This autoflowering version of our top-performing Green AK XL is a good choice for growers seeking the fast thrill of pushing a strain from seed to harvest in less than 70 days.
  • Green AK XL Feminized by Zambeza Seeds
    (previously known as AK-47 XL) Cannabis cultivators who are familiar with the AK-47 know about the qualities of this high-yielding and incredibly potent variety.
  • Green Crack by Fast Buds Seeds
    Green Crack is like a turbocharged mango-flavored energy drink. It's a variety of marijuana that will offer you a rush of pure fruity adrenaline. It’s quality weed that's received rave reviews from our expert test growers, and offers easy growth, energetic buzz, and an exquisite fruity flavour.
  • Green Crack CBD Feminized by HSO Seeds
    We have created an elite pedigree hybrid unique among therapeutic cannabis seeds.
  • Green Crack Feminized by Blim Burn Seeds
    A Cannabis Cup award winner and legendary American strain, Green Crack offers one of the strongest sativa highs.
  • Green Crack Feminized by HSO Seeds
    Green Crack of Humboldt Seeds born of the union between a 1989 SSSC Skunk #1 and Isolated Afghani Cut.
  • Green Gummy Auto by Exotic Seeds
    The origin of this variety is in a selection of Green Gummy whose main characteristics were a very sweet aroma and a quantity of resin that from the first moment made Exotic realize that they had to take advantage of that selection to create something really interesting.
  • Green Gummy by Exotic Seeds
    This hybrid had been in Exotic Seeds minds a long time, as they were looking for a different variety, with predominantly clean and subtle but definable scents, and in this case somewhat sweet, that would be really enjoyable. Thus began the history of the Green Gummy. During flowering a clearly marked aroma appears, similar to the smell of gummies, changing towards the end to a more fruity scent, which sometimes we define as sweet skunk, also finding specimens with predominantly more floral and 'dark' aromas, such as forest or even humid soil, inherited from the male that has been employed in this hybrid.
  • Green Monster Auto by Zambeza Seeds
    Is it possible to grow a monster in less than 60 days after germination? Yes, it is. Green Monster Autoflowering is extremely fast, has a THC content of 15%, and all the growing traits one can expect from a reliable autoflowering variety.
  • Green Ninja Feminized by Heavyweight Seeds
    Green Ninja is an ideal choice for those requiring stealth and discretion.
  • Green Poison Auto by Sweet Seeds
    Autoflowering 3rd generation. Result of hybridization between a selected strain of Big Devil # 2 and a clone elite Green Poison.
  • Green Poison by Sweet Seeds
    Hybrid variety with mainly Indica gene and very high yield, this variety is a Hybrid with Indica predominance but with long and flexible side branches on which dominate a large central cola with a rapid, vigorous growth and a fast, explosive flowering stage, yielding large buds and becoming a super-producer of buds within a few days.
  • Green Poison Fast V by Sweet Seeds
    This strain is an F1 hybrid resulting from the cross between an elite clone of our appreciated Green Poison and a selected 3rd generation autoflowering strain.
  • Green-O-Matic Feminized by Green House Seeds
    Green-O-Matic is an autoflowering strain with a short flowering time and high yields. If you are not blessed with the virtue of patience and out for a heavy harvest, you should give Green-O-Matic a try.
  • Grizzly Purple Auto by Blim Burn Seeds
    Grizzly Purple Feminized, is characterized itself by its large and resinous buds.
  • Grizzly Purple Kush Feminized by Blim Burn Seeds
    It's strong and heavy taste, with sweet and flowery aroma and a very high THC level usually lasts about an hour or two, depending on the drying and curing process.
  • Guanabana Feminized by Blim Burn Seeds
    Our most powerful Sativa is a cross of Amnesia Haze * with a variety of stronger Indica so all the flavour and power of this cerebral Sativa is mixed with a final taste of fruit in the shortest time possible.
  • Guy's Girl Scout Cookie Glue Auto aka GGG1 by Dr Krippling Seeds
    Ground breaking, glorious, grand, generous, gluey, gigantic genetics ‘av gone into the Triple G range.
  • Gypsy Kush Feminized by Kannabia - 5 Seeds
    Gypsy Kush aka Faraona is a characteristically stable variety, and if you grow a few seeds at the same time, you will see that they look like clones among them.
  • Gypsy widow by Exotic Seeds
    The result of crossing different selections of White Widow, the legendary Dutch variety of the 90's. Using two different types of white widow, one of a purely Indica type, with dense flowers and fast flowering, and another more Sativa-like, with a longer flowering and a higher level of resin. Thus we see that the Gypsy Widow behaves like an Indica, but during flowering phase its behavior varies, stretching and creating flowers that bind to each other, forming long and dense buds, that as the days go by the flowers become compacted, making it necessary to place support canes by the end of flowering.