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Products beginning with 'c'

  • C4-matic by Fast Buds Seeds
    This cannabis plant is the result of multiple crosses of several selected purple strains - a polyhybrid that will be famous for its explosive force from the time its taproot first busts out! Fast Buds used genetics from a combination of high yielding and resinous strains in combination with a new variant of Canadian Ruderalis. The genetics of this plant are worthy of study - the male parent contributes a reduced flowering time, short internodal distances, and bushiness that's typical for Indica-type plants. Meanwhile, the female parent has endowed C4 with spectacular aroma and flavor. The result is a strain of which our R&D lab is more than proud of, and that harvest after harvest gratifies and delights those who endeavour to grow it.
  • C99 by Female Seeds
    The current batch we are selling was backcrossed to stabilize the genetics with two specially selected C99 phenotypes, a Grapefruit and the legendary Pineapple pheno. The result is the holy grail of cannabis strains, a fast flowering Sativa that has the taste and high of an exceptionally sweet landrace Sativa. A landrace that would normally take up to a half a year of flowering. Yet our C99 flowers in just 8 to 9 weeks. Our C99 has an unusually high CBD content for a Sativa strain. It actually resulted in a new chemotype, CBD-Sativa.
  • C99 Feminized by G13 Labs - 5 Seeds
    This perfect blend of Jack Herer and Haze resulted in unique exotic taste and flavour but also in very quick flowering period.
  • Caboose by Strain Hunters Seeds
    The Caboose is a famous Californian cut, a cross of the original Trainwreck with the legendary Salmon Creek Big Bud.
  • Cafe Racer Feminized by Blim Burn Seeds
    This crossing of two of our selected Best Sellers in Oakland, which give us a truly an amazing plant for its Purple Urkel flavor and ,in structure, the huge flowering of the Big Bud, parental of our GDP.
  • Calamity Jane Auto – Buddha Seeds
    Calamity Jane is an American tough girl, who stands out for her high THC content. Calamity Jane proves wrong those who say that autoflowering varieties are less potent. Its high THC content can compete with most non autoflowering varieties in the market.
  • Cali Hash Plant Feminized - Dinafem Seeds
    California Hash Plant cannabis seeds by Dinafem Seeds belong to a feminized Indica-dominant cannabis strain obtained by crossing a California Hash Plant and a Northern Lights.
  • California Indica Feminized by Sensi Seeds
    These feminized cannabis seeds are a hybrid of a lush, sativa-influenced California orange-bud and a special Afghan hash plant cultivar. California Indica Feminized seeds inherit fast, heavy flowering and a hashish-scented undertone from their indica ancestry. The Californian parent lends a delicious orange aroma and imparts a delightful lift to the high!
  • California Kush by OO Seeds - 5 Seeds
    Californian Indica predominant. Energetic plant quickly developing and simple to develop.
  • California Orange Bud
    California Orange Bud is an Indica-dominant hybrid, which means it stays reasonably compact for much of its growth cycle, but it does tend to shoot up in the last couple of weeks.
  • California Orange Bud Feminized - 5 Seeds
    California Orange Bud Feminized is easy to grow, beautiful to look at and beautiful to smoke. In short, it’s a great choice for home growers, particularly for beginners.
  • California Orange Feminized by Expert Seeds
    Orange Skunk has to be best Orange strain on the market. She produces wonderful smells of oranges and fresh cut citrus fruit, which will entice you immediately.
  • California Snow by Fast Buds Seeds
    This is the rarest and most daring strain created by Fast Buds team of botanists. Californian Snow is a cross between an American Old School Hot California strain and a Canadian Ruderalis that Fast Buds discovered in late 2013. It is quite stable and displays a greater percentage of Sativa phenotypes, though it incorporates Indica genetics. The mature plant is thickly dusted with snow when at peak flowering. That's why it's named Californian Snow - the buds are so covered with resin they appear to be snowy like the summit of a snow-covered mountain that looms above a warm, sunny California valley.
  • California Special Feminized - KC Brains - 5 Seeds
    California Special is a strain that is suitable for indoor and outdoor cultivation.
  • California Special Regular - KC Brains - 5 Seeds
    California Special is a strain that is suitable for indoor and outdoor cultivation.
  • Californian Orange Feminized by Dutch Passion Seeds
    Californian Orange is a genuine old school classic available only from Dutch Passion.
  • Candy Caramelo Auto by Zambeza Seeds
    Some growers already made their first encounters with genetics from Spain. The famous Spanish classic, Cream Caramel, has found its way into the hands of many different breeders throughout Spain and Europe.
  • Candy Caramelo Fast Flowering Feminized by Zambeza Seeds
    Candy Caramelo Fast Flowering was developed to give growers an alternative to autoflowering genetics when aiming for fast results.
  • Candy Dawg Auto by Seed Stockers
    Candy Dawg Auto was produced by crossing a potent and heavy yielding Candy Kush/ Chem Dawg hybrid with an exceptional OG Kush.
  • Candy Kush Express Fast V Feminized by Royal Queen Seeds
    Generally, even strains that combine a Sativa and an Indica background tend to lean heavily towards one side or the other in both genetic background and effect.
  • Candy Kush – Auto Seeds
    If you want a strain which has it all and does it all, Candy Kush could be exactly what you're looking for. It's short, fast and easy to grow, has a decent amount of THC and a great taste which is a blend of candy sweetness and luscious hash richness.
  • Candyland Feminized by Grand Daddy Purp
    This breakthrough strain engineered by Grand Daddy Purp's Breeding and Development Team has patients buzzing with excitement and it definitely lives up to the hype!
  • Caramel Kush by OO Seeds - 5 Seeds
    Our Caramel Kush originated from a cross between Kosher Kush and our sweetest and fragrant Indica mother plant.
  • Caramelicious by Bulldog Seeds – 5 Seeds
    Caramelicious has some big, fat buds with a nice, fresh smell of caramel. It has been bred for at least 15 years with great success.
  • Caramella Auto by Expert Seeds
    Caramella Auto is the result of crossing Deimos with Cream Caramel Auto; two of the best and most well-known automatics on the market. Caramella Auto is a 3rd generation automatic that offers better quality, higher yields and more, higher quality resin than previous generations.
  • Carnival Feminized by MOC Seeds
    The word carnival reminds you of a happy atmosphere all around, of Venice and the thousands of people dressed like centuries ago, or of Rio, Brazil, where millions of people go crazy just for a few days a year.
  • Casey Jones Feminized - Devil's Harvest Seeds
    Our Casey is not shy to take over the room! Make sure to leave ample space between each plant in order to give them the chance to flourish.
  • Cash Crop Auto by Cream of the Crop Seeds
    To create this fast and bountiful strain the N.L male that fathered Pretty Lights was crossed with an auto Big Bud that displayed and maintained the biggest yielding phenotype.
  • CBD 1:1 Silver Lime Haze Auto by Seed Stockers
    CBD 1:1 Silver Lime Haze Autoflower is a feminized CBD rich auto with a 1:1 ratio of CBD:THC.
  • CBD 1:1 Silver Lime Haze by Seed Stockers
    CBD 1:1 Silver Lime Haze is a fast photoperiod feminized variety with a 1:1 ratio of CBD:THC.
  • CBD 3D Regular - CBD Crew - 5 Seeds
    CBD 3 Districts aka CBD 3D has its name from the wide spread genetic makeup covering 3 major districts, (Skunk, Afghan and Haze.) A complicated fragrance arises from an excellent Haze hybrid breeding true in CBD enrichment.
  • CBD Auto Compassion Lime by Dutch Passion Seeds
    This CBD-rich feminized auto variety uses genetics from the photoperiod CBD Compassion® and our Californian Orange X USA Sour Diesel crossing, known as Daiquiri Lime.
  • CBD Auto White Widow by Dutch Passion Seeds
    CBD Auto White Widow uses the original Dutch Passion Auto White Widow crossed with CBD Sweet and Sour Widow by The CBD Crew to create a 1:1 THC:CBD variety.
  • CBD Blue Shark Feminized - Barney's Farm
    A Barney’s Farm / CBD Crew Collaboration.CBD Blue Shark is an Indica dominant strain created by a cross of Skunk #1 and CBD Enhanced. Blueberry was crossed with the classic Shark Shock and finally bred with our CBD enriched Sativa to give this outstanding result.
  • CBD Bomb Feminized – Bomb Seeds
    Let’s hear it for CBD, which is finally starting to get the appreciation it deserves. Strains with a 1:1 ratio between THC and CBD are considered to be the most medically effective for a wide range of conditions, which is why Bomb Seeds created CBD Bomb.
  • CBD Charlotte's Angel Feminized by Dutch Passion Seeds
    Charlotte's Angel is a sativa dominant variety with high CBD levels, 10 to 16% and low THC levels, always below 1%.
  • CBD Crack by Fast Buds Seeds
    CBD Crack is a superchill euphoric hazer and medical marvel, rapidly becoming our anytime favourite.
  • CBD Critical Cure Feminized - Barney's Farm
    Barneys Farm / CBD Crew Collaboration. A crossing of the legendary Indica Critical Kush crossed with Shanti Baba’s CBD enhanced strain.
  • CBD Divine Regular - CBD Crew - 5 Seeds
    CBD Divine is named after Shen Nung, “The Divine Farmer”.
  • CBD Kush Feminized by Dutch Passion Seeds
    A variety produced in cooperation with the CBD Crew. CBD Kush is a CBD rich variety with an approximate 1:1 ratio of THC:CBD.
  • CBD Lemon Potion Auto by Barney's farm
    Barneys Farm and CBD Crew breeders got together to create a champion autoflowering CBD enriched strain, LEMON POTION AUTO™, which is both therapeutic and sensationally tasty.
  • CBD Mango Haze Feminized - CBD Crew - 5 Seeds
    CBD Mango Haze is one of the most pleasant tasting plants in CBD Crew line up with spicy, mango, pineapple and pepper aroma, as well as one of the new releases for 2013.
  • CBD Medi Kush Feminized - Spliff Seeds - 5 Seeds
    We set out to produce a hybrid strain rich in CBD, and we certainly succeeded.
  • CBD Nordle Feminized - CBD Crew - 5 Seeds
    Nordle was the name given by Howard Marks to the finest Afghan Hashish when we was discussing drug deals over the phone.
  • CBD OG Kush Feminized - CBD Crew - 5 Seeds
    A popular strain throughout the world for its strong effects as a THC plant but it changes dramatically as a CBD enriched version.
  • CBD PH Regular - CBD Crew - 5 Seeds
    CBD Pure Hazeling aka CBD PH is our strongest regular haze strain.
  • CBD Skunk Haze Feminized - CBD Crew - 5 Seeds
    CBD Skunk Haze is a tall plant and quite self supporting, and quite easy to grow.
  • CBD SkunkHaze Feminized by Dutch Passion Seeds
    CBD Skunk Haze comes from a project between Dutch Passion and CBD Crew.
  • CBD Spliff Berry Feminized - Spliff Seeds - 5 Seeds
    By crossing CBD Kush with Spliff Berry, we created a similar hybrid that has close to an even 1:1 THC to CBD ratio.
  • CBD Star Feminized by MOC Seeds
    Our first CBD strain is a fine selection of the type 1:1, so it contains as much CBD as THC.
  • CBD Sweet and Sour Widow Regular - CBD Crew - 5 seeds
    A CBD enriched White Widow strain, this grows vigorously during the vegetative stage and on flowering produces slightly airy flower clusters, which end highly resinous.
  • CBD Tonic Feminized by W.O.S. Seeds
    Called CBD Tonic, this strain is the result of crossing and subsequent selection of Critical Mass with Diesel Tonic.
  • CBD Yummy Feminized - CBD Crew - 5 Seeds
    CBD Yummy comes from the Resin Seeds side of the CBD Crew.
  • Champion Feminized by Heavyweight Seeds
    Heavyweight have dedicated much time and effort into cultivating the ultimate Cheese strain; Champion!
  • Cheese Auto by Expert Seeds
    This is an autoflowering version of the mythical Cheese, which was developed in the UK from a special Skunk No1 phenotype.
  • Cheese Automatic by Big Buddha Seeds
    Leading the way in the advancement of Femaleing, feminised genetics, Big Buddha are proud to introduce the Big Buddha Cheese Automatic, the lastest auto strain from Big Buddha's ongoing project to produce an auto feminised seed of their most popular, award winning Big Buddha Cheese.
  • Cheese by Seed Stockers
    Seed Stockers Cheese Feminized is easy to grow with a penetrating cheesy smell and resin soaked sticky buds which you will want to smoke again and again.
  • Cheese Dawg by Big Buddha Seeds
    In the ongoing pursuit to find unique tastes and flavours, Big Buddha Seeds has yet again accomplished something special...
  • Cheese Feminized - Dinafem Seeds
    Cheese feminized by Dinafem is a smart crossing of an old school UK Skunk and an Afghani. She has been a long-time favorite among commercial growers.
  • Cheese Feminized by Expert Seeds
    Funky Skunk is a strain that has been developed over the past 20 years in the UK based on original Skunk genetics imported from the USA.
  • Cheese XXL Auto - Dinafem Seeds
    Cheese XXL Feminized is a cross between an elite clone of Exodus Cheese and a Cheese Auto. It is an indica/sativa/ruderalis hybrid strain that will produce a good yield of large, compact buds coated in THC-bearing resin.
  • Cheesus by Big Buddha Seeds
    Originally created by the new school of Amsterdam, these guys are the next generation of breeders!
  • Cheesy Dick by Big Buddha Seeds
    Moby Dick was originally created in Spain and is a cross of Critical Mass and Jack Herer.
  • Chem OG by Female Seeds
    This exciting American OG strain is the result of crossing an OG Kush mother with a highly potent original Chemdawg father. The OG Kush we used it's a cut deriving from the San Fernando Valley. The Chemdawg, as others understood from the description we were giving already before, is deriving from a clone of the ChemDawg 91. She is a strong, resistant and sturdy stemmed plant. Thanks to her genes the plants present OG Kush-type buds, really dense and pop-corn shaped.
  • Chemdawg Feminized by HSO Seeds
    Chemdawg is said to be the parent of OG Kush and Sour Diesel, and the original plant comes from a seed in a bag of high-quality bud bought by Chemdawg the breeder itself, who developed new lines deriving from the original genetic.
  • Chemdawg Regular - Humboldt Seeds Organization
    Chemdawg has long since proved itself a classic strain and has been used to create many outstanding hybrids, but the original has always had a reputation of being rather challenging to grow – until now, because this version of Chemdawg is based on a Chem 91 pheno which was specially selected for its all-round awesomeness, including ease of growth.
  • Chemdog #4 Feminized by Blim Burn Seeds
    An indica dominant Chemdog #4 strain, is known for its intense cerebral high and fast acting pain relief.
  • Chemdog Feminized by Green House Seeds
    Chemdog is not to be confused with ChemDawg! This variety actually is the result of crossing OG Kush and Sour Diesel and is a class of its own with outstanding yields and very high potency.
  • Chemdog Millionaire Feminized by Dr Krippling Seeds
    Delhi Friend x Chemdawg
  • Chemdogging by Mephisto Genetics
    The definition of connoisseur quality automatics! After years of intense research and trials, Mephisto released their interpretation of Chemdog turned automatic! Chemdogging was one of the first conceptions to creating new lines of elite auto flowering strains. She is a cross of a larger sativa dominant auto and a choice Chemdog D IBL parent selected from seed now inbred to F6.
  • Cherry Bomb Auto Feminized – Bomb Seeds
    Cherry Bomb Auto is an outstanding strain which achieves a perfect balance of delicious taste, medical benefits and robust genetics.
  • Cherry Bomb Feminized – Bomb Seeds
    Taste and THC are probably the first points most people look at when deciding what strains to try. Cherry Bomb has plenty of both and it’s compact, quick and easy to grow.
  • Cherry Bomb Regular – Bomb Seeds
    Taste and THC are probably the first points most people look at when deciding what strains to try. Cherry Bomb has plenty of both and it’s compact, quick and easy to grow.
  • Cherry Moon Pie by Big Buddha Seeds
    Big Buddha Cherry Moon Pie is an Indica dominant strain deriving from a cross of Cherry Pie and Bubba Kush.
  • Chiesel Automatic by Big Buddha Seeds
    Chiesel Automatic from Big Buddha is here! Another fabulous cross of the famous New York City Diesel and the Big Buddha Cheese engineered into an all female auto flowering variety.
  • Chiesel by Big Buddha Seeds
    The long awaited Big Buddha Chiesel is now here!
  • Chimeran Blue by Dragon Seeds
    This sativa-dominant hybrid has quickly become a legend amongst California strains, and with its Blueberry and Super Silver Haze lineage, it’s not hard to see why. Its dense buds packed with sparkly trichomes can reveal a THC content of around 18%, providing full-body relaxation and a calm, euphoric effect.
  • Choc Matic Feminized by Dr Krippling Seeds
    Delightful chocolate flavoured buds are gifted from Choc-Matic in aprox 75 days from germination.
  • Choco Bud Feminized by Vision Seeds
    Even though it might sound a little crazy, we are not insane here at Vision Seeds! "ChocoLoco" does actually have a very distinct chocolate/caramel flavor.
  • Choco Candy Feminized by Zambeza Seeds
    (previously known as Chocolope) The skilful breeders of Zambeza really challenged themselves on this one. With having the goal of creating one of the most intense chocolate strains on the market, they went out on their worldwide hunt for the best genetics for Choco Candy.
  • Chocolate Cream by OO Seeds - 5 Seeds
    00 Seeds have delivered another elite mixture.
  • Chocolate Haze Feminized by Royal Queen Seeds
    This tasty genetic miracle is bred to grow strong and harvest early.
  • Chocolate Heaven Feminized by G13 Labs - 5 Seeds
    Multiple winner - Cannalope got crossed with old school Afghan and them two together created amazing Sativa strain.
  • Chocolate Kush by OO Seeds - 5 Seeds
    Feminized Mazar x Indica.
  • Chocolate Mint OG Feminized by HSO Seeds
    We merged two iconic super strains from the Northern California scene, the infamous OG with the ever classic Granddaddy Purple.
  • Chocolate Orange Auto by Dr Krippling Seeds
    An exciting crossing this one is.
  • Chocolate Skunk CBD by OO Seeds - 5 Seeds
    Chocolate Skunk selection for its balanced content between THC and CBD.
  • Chocolopez by Blim Burn Seeds
    Chocolopez is an easy to grow strain producing large resinous yields.
  • Chronic Haze Feminized by W.O.S. Seeds
    The genetic mixture originally used to create the parents of our Chronic Haze is very broad and involves common forebears given that Chronic is a cross between Northern Light, Skunk and AK 47, which are themselves indica/ sativa hybrids from Afghan, Colombian, Mexican and Thai genetics; all of which opens up several possibilities when it comes to crossing these two famous strains.
  • Chronic Thunder Feminized - Barney's Farm
    By crossing the long established and superior genetics of both the legendary Alaskan Thunder with the stable and high yielding Dr. Chronic, Chronic Thunder was born.
  • Chrystal Feminized - Nirvana Seeds
    Chrystal is a White Widow re-back-crossed with Northern Lights.
  • Chrystal Regular - Nirvana Seeds
    Chrystal is a White Widow re-back-crossed with Northern Lights.
  • Citral Skunk by Bulldog Seeds – 5 Seeds
    Bulldog Seeds Citral Skunk is a 50/50 hybrid strain with a mellow but distinguishable herbal taste.
  • Clinical White CBD Feminized by Expert Seeds
    This low THC high CBD medical strain is offering fast effective pain-relief.
  • Cluster Bomb Feminized - Bomb Seeds
    Cluster Bomb is beloved for its ability to produce impressively large yields in a relatively compact space. What’s more, the quality is as good as the quantity.
  • Cluster Bomb Regular - Bomb Seeds
    Cluster Bomb is beloved for its ability to produce impressively large yields in a relatively compact space. What’s more, the quality is as good as the quantity.
  • Cocoa OG Regular by Grand Daddy Purp
    Cocoa OG is a cross between a Grandpa Larry (Larry OG x GDP) male and a Chocolate Kush mother.
  • Colombian Gold Feminized by W.O.S. Seeds
    This Sativa strain is the result of a combination of pure strains from the Santa Marta mountain range in Colombia that is home to the country's highest peaks.
  • Colossal Purps by Mega Buds
    Colossal Purps gives you exactly what your heart desires. Light purple colors all across her leaves and the massive buds you would expect from Mega Buds genetics, plus enough strength to make a grown man weep.
  • Cookies & Cream Cheese Feminized by Big Buddha Seeds
    Big Buddha Cookies and Cream Cheese is a mix of the Girl Scout Cookies and the famous Big Buddha Cheese.
  • Cookies and Cream by Seed Stockers
    Cookies and Cream is one of the USA must-have varieties. This is partly for the delicious, intensely enjoyable high which seems to last forever.
  • Cookies Haze Feminized by Kannabia - 5 Seeds
    This is an obviously Sativa plant, with thin leaves, a slender appearance, and the form of a pine tree.
  • Cookies Kush Feminized - Barney's Farm
    Cookies and Kush is a genius combination in all kinds of ways so it’s hardly a surprise that Cookies Kush has won critical plaudits as well as a substantial fan base amongst the public in general.
  • Cosmic Bomb Auto – Bomb Seeds
    When Bomb Seeds seeds began developing Cosmic Bomb Auto strength was a must, but not just that, to give it the edge, they looked for strains that had higher levels of some of the underrated cannabinoids. By working with a specially selected cut of LSD which had been tested with elevated levels of THCV and crossing it with there own Auto Bomb, they created a truly spectacular variety.
  • Cream 47 - Sweet Seeds
    Exceptional hybridization of our SWS04 (Cream Caramel®) with our elite clone of AK47.
  • Cream Automatic by Blim Burn Seeds
    The result of crossbreeding the Low Ryder with Critical in order to produce a variety both automatic and stable resulting in an automatic plant with great aroma and flavour which is hard to find among the new varieties coming to the automatic market.
  • Cream Caramel - Sweet Seeds
    A synthetic variety which is the result of a three way cross between our best Indicas: BlueBlack x Maple Leaf Indica x White Rhino.
  • Cream Caramel Auto - Sweet Seeds
    Cream Caramel Auto is a result of Sweet Seeds amazing breeding techniques, Cream caramel Auto was produced by crossing Cream Caramel with some of Sweet Seeds best auto's.
  • Cream Caramel Fast V by Sweet Seeds
    The most awarded strain from the Sweet Seeds catalog - Cream Caramel - now featuring ultra-fast flowering.
  • Cream Cookies Auto by Fast Buds Seeds
    FastBuds have been refining there autoflowering GSC line tweaking the terpenes and flavonoids to perfect the recipe for Cream Cookies Auto. The indica-dominant growth pattern is familiar. However, subtle sativa influences add a cerebral component to the high and enhance THC levels to 20%+.
  • Cream Mandarine Auto by Sweet Seeds
    Autoflowering 3rd generation. Result of the development of a special strain of Cream Caramel Auto high production and marked sweet aromas of mandarin type citrus.
  • Cream Mandarine Fast V by Sweet Seeds
    Attending to the request of our friends and clients we introduce the feminized and non-autoflowering version of our much appreciated Cream Mandarine Auto.
  • Cream Mandarine XL Auto by Sweet Seeds
    Autoflowering strain with tall stature and high production. This 4th generation autoflowering strain is the resulting hybrid from the cross between selected specimens of our variety SWS29 (Cream Mandarine Auto®) and a Súper Tai '98 elite clone.
  • Creamatic Feminized by Royal Queen Seeds
    The newest member of the Royal Queen Seeds Autoflowering seed collection.
  • Crème Brute by Dragon Seeds
    This beauty is a rare indica-dominant hybrid (80/20) that is the result of a Platinum Kush, OG Kush and GSC cross. Possessing a sweet vanilla, herbal and nutty flavor with similar aromas in addition to pine and wood, Creme Brute will certainly please the nose as well as the taste buds. Its fluffy green buds with amber hairs covered in frosty trichomes are also very easy on the eyes.
  • Creme De La Chem by Mephisto Genetics
    Produced by combining Chemdogging a firm favourite of the Mephisto range and Stardawg Illuminati, Creme De La Chem is a great yielder for such a short strain.
  • Crimea Blue Feminized - Barney's Farm
    Crimea Blue was created by crossing the hugely popular, fruitful Blueberry strain with the earthy spiciness of a hardy Crimean Hash plant.
  • Criminal + Feminized by Ripper Seeds
    One of the most popular plants of the moment, CRITICAL MASS, with a very well-known reputation, is polinized with our more powerful DOUBLE GLOCK so as to obtain one of the most quick and productive hybrids of our bank, CRIMINAL +.
  • Cristal Limit Feminized - KC Brains - 5 Seeds
    Cristal Limit is a very successful variety for indoor growing. This specimen is crossbred from Cristal with K.C. 606.
  • Cristal Limit Regular - KC Brains - 5 Seeds
    Cristal Limit is a very succesful variety for indoor growing.
  • Cristal Paradise Regular - KC Brains - 5 Seeds
    The Cristal Paradise plant is descended from a imported Californian BB Skunk and a male Brasil.
  • Critical
    Critical has been a huge success with both amateur and commercial growers, both of whom love that this strain offers an outstanding balance of robustness, yield, taste and effect.
  • Critical + 2.0 Auto by Dinafem Seeds
    Critical + 2.0 Feminized cannabis seeds by Dinafem Seeds belong to an Indica-dominant, feminized, Feminized cannabis strain that originates from the cross of a Critical+Auto and a Critical+.
  • Critical + 2.0 Feminized - Dinafem Seeds
    Critical + 2.0 cannabis seeds by Dinafem Seeds belong to a feminized, Indica-dominant cannabis strain obtained by crossing a Critical+ with a moisture-resistant phenotype.
  • Critical + Automatic - Dinafem Seeds
    Critical + Feminized cannabis seeds by Dinafem Seeds belong to a feminized Indica-dominant cannabis strain that originates from the cross between a Critical+ and a Roadrunner Auto.
  • Critical + CBD Auto - Dinafem Seeds
    Critical + Feminized CBD cannabis seeds by Dinafem Seeds belong to a feminized CBD-rich cannabis strain derived from the cross between a Critical+ and an Auto CBD. Dinafem's most popular auto, now rich in CBD
  • Critical + Feminized - Dinafem Seeds
    Critical + cannabis seeds by Dinafem Seeds belong to a feminized Sativa/Indica cannabis strain obtained by crossing a Big Bud and a selection of Skunks.
  • Critical Blue Auto by Expert Seeds
    Created from two world famous cannabis strains Critical and Blue Berry.
  • Critical Cheese Auto - Dinafem Seeds
    Critical Cheese Feminized was formed by crossing a Critical + Auto with a Cheese Auto. The result is a very stable strain combining the best aspects of these two important cannabis varieties.
  • Critical Cheese Feminized - Dinafem Seeds
    Critical Cheese cannabis seeds by Dinafem Seeds is a feminized, Indica-dominant cannabis strain that originates from the cross of a Cheese and a Critical+.
  • Critical Daddy Purple Feminized by Blim Burn Seeds
    From our Daddy male, selected in Oakland, crossed with our selection of Critical Mass of the 90', is born a new cross, that will give you the possibility to add the best of the two varieties in a new version.
  • Critical Feminized - 5 Seeds
    Critical Feminized is one of the largest yielding strains on the market. Massive Crops of rock hard and potent buds cover this plant when it is in full maturity. An absolute must if you like them big!
  • Critical Feminized by Royal Queen Seeds
    There are always lots of requirements to fill when deciding which strain to grow: strength, yield, flavour, ease of growth, suitability to climate etc.
  • Critical Haze Regular - Mr Nice - 15 Seeds
    From the moment this combination of cult status parent plants were mentioned, a lot of curiosity and expectation was felt vibrating in the MNS camp.
  • Critical Impact Feminizedby Vision Seeds
    One big bang, high velocity collision between the enormously popular Critical Mass x Skunk #1 and Hindu Kush has resulted in a strain that is bound to leave a legacy of cosmic proportions in the "high" society and cannabis cultivation culture!
  • Critical Jack Automatic - Dinafem Seeds
    Critical Jack Feminized cannabis seeds by Dinafem Seeds belong to a feminized Indica-dominant cannabis strain that comes from the cross between our Critical Jack elite clone and our Roadrunner Auto, which resulted in a premium-quality hybrid.
  • Critical Jack Feminized - Dinafem Seeds
    Critical Jack cannabis seeds by Dinafem belong to a Sativa-dominant feminized cannabis strain obtained by crossing a Critical+ and a Jack Herer, which gave us a top-quality hybrid aimed at connoisseurs.
  • Critical Kush Auto Feminized - Barney's Farm
    Barneys Critical Kush in an autoflower.
  • Critical Kush Feminized - Barney's Farm
    Critical Kush is a fine example of how modern Indica dominants are now able to give Sativas a run for their money in terms of THC, while staying nicely compact and therefore highly suitable for people with restricted growing space.
  • Critical Kush Feminized - Dinafem Seeds
    Critical Kush cannabis seeds by Dinafem Seeds belong to an Indica-dominant, feminized cannabis strain that originates from the cross of a Critical+ and an OG Kush.
  • Critical Kush Feminized by Royal Queen Seeds
    This kush blend is an indica dominant strain that grows to a medium height, ideal for growing in somewhat limited spaces.
  • Critical Lights Feminized by Expert Seeds
    Critical Lights is a great all round strain for beginners and experienced growers.
  • Critical Mass Automatic by Big Buddha Seeds
    Big Buddha has the solution to all those who want it big and want it fast!
  • Critical Mass CBD Feminized - Dinafem Seeds
    Critical Mass CBD cannabis seeds by Dinafem Seeds belong to a feminized, Indica-dominant cannabis strain obtained by crossing a Critical Mass and a selected CBD Crew male.
  • Critical Mass Feminized - CBD Crew - 5 Seeds
    Grows like a Sativa, flowers like an Indica.
  • Critical Mass Regular by Mr Nice - 15 Seeds
    A reworked excellent version of an old breed once known as Big Bud.
  • Critical Poison by OO Seeds - 5 Seeds
    Fast and vigorous growth plant with brutal production of buds and resin.
  • Critical Ryder by Black Skull Seeds
    Critical Mass is a well-known big production strain that was created by crossing big bud and skunk. We took critical mass and crossed it with Skull Ryder and refined it until it was 100% autoflowering. The resulting autoflowering strain is a strong smelling auto skunk that fills the grow room with a pungent aroma and produces taller than average plants with slender leaves and long buds.
  • Critical Skunk Regular - Mr Nice - 15 Seeds
    A wonderful union in the making. Since Critical Mass has stormed the stoners scene in Europe and gained recognition in other places world wide, its cousin Critical Skunk is a great alternative to those who wish to get a plant that has all the facets in a plant that will make the grower and user equally as happy.It is a worthy relation and definitely gaining its own momentum amongst the MNS family of breeds.
  • Critical Sour by Female Seeds
    The Critical Sour cannabis strain can be considered the next generation of hybrids from Female Seeds. Our goal was to create a very early maturing outdoor strain. Critical Sour is a big producing strain covered in delicious trichomes. A Maroc x Grapefruit mother was crossed with an inbred Auto NL x Auto NL x Auto Critical father to speed up flowering. Our Critical Sour strain develops specific features clearly inherited from the mum and the Auto Critical genes. She is easy to grow, as she is a very hardy plant. Critical Sour stays shorter than any of our other outdoor strains. One in thirty plants can autoflower.
  • Crop Circle Auto by Cream of the Crop Seeds
    Crop Circle is a combination of colour and flavour not of this world.
  • Crop Doctor by Cream of the Crop Seeds
    With a 1:1.5 CBD ratio our Crop Doctor is sure to lend a healing hand to those seeking relief without the intense high.
  • Cropical Fruit Auto by Cream of the Crop Seeds
    Possibly one of the most exotic auto strains ever produced, this 5 way cross is a mouth watering, eye-reddening cocktail of Caribbean flavour.
  • Cropolope by Cream of the Crop Seeds
    Cropolope towers above most photoperiod strains and loves the great outdoors where she can swell up to her full potential.
  • Crystal Candy Auto by Sweet Seeds
    4th Generation autoflowering strain. This is the result of the cross between our Crystal Candy® (SWS58) and an autoflowering variety with very similar aromatic tones, the Sweet Special Auto (SWS35).
  • Crystal Candy by Sweet Seeds
    This strain was developed within a special programme of the Sweet Seeds' R&D&I Department that was focused in the search for curious, exquisite and subtle sweet aromas that evoke aromatic sensations of candy shop.
  • Crystal M.E.T.H. by Fast Buds Seeds
    We have created a potent Mexican variety that produces a tropical Sativa high. This variety has a great balance of diverse effects, and will provide an amazing dose of happiness. Crystal Meth is the result of the mixture of a priceless collection of genetics. The key component of this plant is a phenomenal Mexican hybrid that was proudly developed by Fast Buds research team.
  • Crystal M.E.T.H. Feminized by Dr. Underground Seeds
    Our prefer strain, it is an absolutely psychedelic experience.
  • Crystal Queen Feminized by Vision Seeds
    The "Crystal Queen" is the Tiffany jewel amongst the Vision Seeds strains and as such this amazing feminized strain shall be described.
  • Crystal White Feminized - Spliff Seeds - 5 Seeds
    Created in Holland the Crystal White contains Super Skunk and White Widow genetics.
  • Custard Cream by Cream of the Crop Seeds
    Reminding us of that all-time classic: the kick-ass Custard Cream.
  • Cyber Cristal Feminized - KC Brains - 5 Seeds
    The CYBER CRISTAL is a plant mostly used for indoor growing. The buds of this plant are covered with a bed of THC snow. This strain is short and compact, the taste is fresh and sweet.
  • Cyber Cristal Regular - KC Brains - 5 Seeds
    The CYBER CRISTAL® is a plant mostly used for indoor growing.