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Products beginning with 'a'

  • Afghan
    The harsh environment of the mountainous regions of Afghanistan encourages plants to grow in a compact shape, which makes this pure Indica strain a great choice for those looking for a strain to grow in a small space.
  • Afghan Feminized
    Afghan Feminized is an excellent choice for new growers, particularly those looking for a strain which will make the most of small spaces.
  • AK-47
    AK47 Regular is a long-standing favourite with growers for a number of reasons. Best of all it is a really straightforward variety to grow.
  • AK-47 Feminized
    AK47 Feminized was given its name due to its ability to pack a lot of power into a very small package. It really does offer something for everyone.
  • Amnesia
    Those who have the space to give this outstanding Sativa the extensive head-room it requires, will be rewarded by a robust and resilient strain, which produces a delicious smoke with an excellent effect.
  • Amnesia Feminized
    The classic Amnesia made even better. Growers will be impressed by this strain's yields while users will appreciate the high THC.
  • Atomic Feminized – Bomb Seeds
    Atomic is quite simply a stunner. It really is a strain which has it all, THC, taste and robust genetics backed by an outstanding pedigree.
  • Auto #1 - Auto Seeds
    The Original strain from Auto Seeds. A short and punchy auto strain that still gives great results in really short time frames. Definitely worth a go if you are new to autoflowering genetics
  • Auto Blueberry
    Auto Blueberry is a modern improvement on the classic Blueberry strain which has been pleasing growers and users since the 1970s.
  • Auto Bomb Feminized – Bomb Seeds
    Auto Bomb takes the idea of “tiny but mighty” to a whole new level. It will be appreciated by anyone who values simplicity and taste over masses of THC.
  • Auto Cheese
    When you want the smell and taste of the original UK Cheese and you want it quickly and easily, Cheese Auto is the strain for you.
  • Auto Ice Feminized
    Auto Ice has a flavour which users will either love or hate. The top notes are menthol, the mid notes are earthy and the base notes are very definitely diesel.
  • Auto Pounder – Auto Seeds
    If you’re looking to find the strain which delivers the absolute best all-round results for the absolute minimum of space and effort, then we think Auto Pounder would be a strong contender.
  • Auto Sweet Tooth
    Auto Sweet Tooth is an outstanding strain for beginners, home-growers, medical users and social users who like their weed on the sweet side
  • Auto White Russian
    Auto White Russian looks like an Indica, coming in at a nicely compact 25-70 centimetres, but it acts a lot like a Sativa, beginning with a high, which climbs smoothly before mellowing into a mellow, Indica stone.