420 seeds supplies top quality F1 Marijuana seeds. Our Marijuana seeds are Produced in Holland and come directly from the Dutch producers .Because our marijuana seeds come straight from the source we are able to offer very competitive prices and assured quality. All marijuana Seeds are sold in packs of 10 and shipped world wide with stealth delivery. Read disclaimer before purchase. if you would like to purchase marijuana seeds now use the order now button. This will be charged Via Secure SSL encrypted Card payment. 420 Seeds accepts Visa, MC. The Words Marijuana Seeds or 420 will not appear on your statement.


For full payment options see Payment Page

Where do we ship ?

We ship world wide   Please read disclaimer below.


How long do seeds take to arrive?

Delivery times vary greatly depending on where its being shipped. Europe 1-4 days . Outside Europe delivery times are usually between 1-3 weeks.

Can  I send cash in in the post ? ( you must register /record cash payments)

Yes, we receive many cash orders each week.  When sending cash wrap the cash in carbon paper and put it in a birthday or Christmas type card and clearly mark which pack you wish to order.  We will ship seeds and email you once the order is received! cash payments are highly effective and if you follow the above directions . Note Cash orders must be sent by registered or recorded post see payment for full directions

Why are your seeds so cheap?

420 seeds buys seeds straight from top Dutch producers, because we keep our range small we are able to buy in bulk and pass the discount on to you!


How are the seeds shipped?

We stealth pack our seeds in plain crush proof envelopes. There is no reference to what is contained within the envelopes or boxes.  We ship recorded delivery unless stated by you i.e. if you request or specify a PO Box.  All seeds are shipped from UK for the benefit of the customer.  We believe it is advantageous to ship from the UK not Holland. 

Shipping costs are available at three different levels:

Standard ($10) This is plain discreet and simple. Well protected and secure.

Stealth Shipping ($21) This is very discreet and offers an added layer of security. All items are shipped in plain crush proof envelopes and are hidden is an additional product.

Guaranteed stealth shipping ($31) Sent like stealth shipping with tracking, but this way if the product is lost on route to you and the tracking does not show the item is delivered we will resend your order to you totally free of charge*

*orders shipped to Australia will only re resent once.





Please be aware that the cultivation of Marijuana is a Criminal Offence in many jurisdictions around the world. In fact the importation of marijuana Seeds is also illegal in some countries around the world. It is an offence under the Mis-use of Drugs Act 1974 to Cultivate any plant of the Genus Cannabis within the UK. We only sell marijuana Seeds as souvenirs. We will export Marijuana ,Cannabis Seeds to any country around the world . HOWEVER please note that YOU importing these seeds may be a CRIMINAL OFFENCE for which the punishment may well be far in excess of the actual crime. 420-seeds do not encourage anyone to act in contravention of the LAW in their jurisdiction and expect customers  to check their local laws and to act in accordance with them. 420-seedsl specifically deny any product or company liability, we again stress that our marijuana seeds are sold for novelty purposes only. check your own laws!

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